Turrets are stationary units deployed by kett, Outlaws, and Remnant.

Description Edit

Three types of turrets can be encountered during gameplay.

  • Kett Turret - Kett construct that is capable of firing at long range.
  • Outlaw Turret - Mounted gun turret capable of 360-degree rotation and long-range attacks.
  • Remnant Turret - Remnant construct that is capable of firing blasts of plasma at long range.

Capabilities Edit

Offensive Edit

Turrets can fire short, medium, and long distances. Turrets can rotate 360-degrees and will continue firing until threats are removed or the turret is destroyed.

Defensive Edit

Turrets have no defensive systems other than deadly heavy firepower and high health.

Tactics Edit

Turrets of any faction are able to target the squad from any distance, hit hard, and can be a relentless foe when encountered.

  • While these can be tough foes, turrets are stationary, can only fire in a straight line of sight, and are only able to attack one target at a time.
  • Hiding behind cover is recommended while at distance.
  • Keep the squad spread out to give three potential targets instead of a grouped single target for the turret to fire at.

In some instances it is possible to hack turrets using a console to turn them "friendly" to attack enemies. Most instances of this hacking are Remnant turrets but other types can be hacked. Friendly turrets will attack enemies just as relentlessly as they would attack the squad until enemies are defeated or the turrets are destroyed.

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