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An Alliance base in the Acheron system in the Styx Theta cluster may be in danger. Get to the base and find out what is going on.

Acquisition Edit

The plot on Noveria must be completed first before gaining access to the gateway cluster Styx Theta. One way to acquire this assignment is to simply enter the base on Altahe. Alternatively, if you entered the Erebus system first, this assignment will be given to you at the conclusion of the UNC: Listening Post Alpha assignment on Nepmos.

Preparation Edit

Pack a lot of omni-gel for repairing the Mako and scout ahead for secluded secure spots in the outside environment. This precaution may be necessary: the enemies here have attacks that can bypass shields.

Powers such as Neural Shock, Throw and Lift will be useful here. Shields on the other hand will be useless, as well as talents intended to overheat shields and weapons. Damage prevention and toxic resistance armor mods will come in handy, as well as Shredder, Hammerhead, and Sledgehammer rounds.

Walkthrough Edit

Altahe - rachni critters 1
After landing on Altahe, head to the Alliance base at the south center of the map. The base is defended by four nests with three Rachni Soldiers apiece.

Approach all four, one at a time, and eliminate the rachni that come up. Feel free to use the Mako as a spit shield when you're on foot or to finish them off entirely if you don't care for the experience loss.

Once the creatures have been neutralized enter the base on the north side of the structure.

When you enter the underground base it is relatively clear. The first room has a defense barrier in the middle of it. Behind it are two weapon lockers, both requiring Hard Decryption.

Once you loot these, head into the main room. The main room holds only seven Rachni Workers and two Rachni Soldiers. Take out the workers before they have a chance to explode near you or the squad.

Altahe - rachni critters 2
Afterward, head to the door and be sure to grab the upgrade kit near the door to the rest of the base, and medi-gel from the aid station opposite the door you enter from.

The room to the left contains a wetware kit, 2 storage lockers (requiring Easy decryption), and a malfunctioning object. Grab your rewards then head to the other room. This room only has a malfunctioning object to the right as you enter and a terminal at the other end. Access the Emergency FTL Comm to the left of the terminal to hear a distress call from Lt. Durand and get the UNC: Listening Post Alpha assignment. If you have completed the other listening post assignment already, you will be given the UNC: Depot Sigma-23 assignment.

Enemies Edit

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