Research on Prothean culture is focused on the discovery of ancient data discs.

Acquisition Edit

“You've discovered one of the sought after data discs. Keep searching until you've collected them all.”

This assignment is initiated upon the discovery of a Prothean data disc anywhere in the galaxy. There are ten discs in total, but only 7 must be collected to pass the assignment.

Upon completion the assignment summary will read: "You've discovered a complete collection of asari artifacts.", but this is most likely just a typing error.

Background Edit

These discs are extremely fragile; intact discs are rare and usually found inside Prothean data recording devices. Scientists have not yet found a way to transcribe the information from these discs, but it is generally agreed that they are the most promising source of information on Prothean science and culture.

Locations Edit

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Cluster System Planet Access
Argos Rho Phoenix Carbonaceous Asteroid survey
Armstrong Nebula Tereshkova Antibaar land
Artemis Tau Sparta Asteroid Cluster survey
Attican Beta Theseus Sharring survey
Hades Gamma Farinata Juntauma survey
Maroon Sea Matano Chasca land
Maroon Sea Matano Rocky Asteroid survey
Styx Theta Erebus Wermani survey
Voyager Yangtze Alrumter survey
Voyager Yangtze Binthu land
Total 10
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