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Several turian outposts and colonies were destroyed during the Unification War. Each colony's insignia also disappeared.


This assignment appears in the Journal after the first insignia you discover. There are seventeen insignias in total, but only thirteen must be collected to complete the assignment.


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Cluster System Planet Access Insignia
Argos Rho Hydra Metgos land Gothis Colony
Argos Rho Hydra Canrum survey Parthia Colony
Armstrong Nebula Vamshi Maji land Edessan Colony
Armstrong Nebula Vamshi Pregel survey Baetika Colony
Artemis Tau Athens Pharos survey Magna Colony
Hades Gamma Antaeus Trebin land Nimines Colony
Hades Gamma Dis Raysha survey Tridend Colony
Hawking Eta Century Presrop land Macedyn Outpost
Horse Head Nebula Fortuna Amaranthine land Galatana Colony
Horse Head Nebula Fortuna Maganlis survey Rocam Outpost
Horse Head Nebula Strenuus Xawin land Chatti Outpost
Kepler Verge Newton Ontarom land Bostra Outpost
Maroon Sea Caspian Antida survey Carthaan Outpost
Maroon Sea Vostok Nodacrux land Thracia Colony
Styx Theta Acheron Carbonaceous Asteroid survey Epyrus Colony
Voyager Cluster Amazon Agebinium land Syglar Outpost
Voyager Cluster Amazon Sybin survey Quadim Outpost
Total 17


  • The names of the turian colonies are a reference to nations conquered or fought by the Roman Empire, which the turians are based on. For example Parthia (Parthian empire), Gothis (the Goths), Macedyn (Macedon).
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