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Surveyed Minerals

To maintain its fleets and continue to expand, the Alliance must find new resources wherever it can. You've recently surveyed an important deposit and claimed it for the Alliance. There must be more like them in the Traverse.


This assignment appears in the Journal after the first mineral you survey.


See also: Planet Index

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Cluster System Planet Access Heavy Metals Light Metals Rare Earths Gases
Argos Rho Hydra Metgos land Mercury Thorium
Argos Rho Hydra Syba survey Helium-3
Argos Rho Phoenix Patashi survey Samarium
Argos Rho Phoenix Tuntau land Mercury Lithium
Argos Rho Phoenix Vebinok survey Cobalt
Armstrong Nebula Gagarin Antirumgon survey Cobalt
Armstrong Nebula Gagarin Rayingri land Titanium Polonium
Armstrong Nebula Grissom Solcrum land Magnesium Thorium
Armstrong Nebula Grissom Zaherux survey Beryllium
Armstrong Nebula Grissom (asteroid, rocky) survey Polonium
Armstrong Nebula Hong Casbin land Gold Samarium
Armstrong Nebula Hong Treagir survey Lithium
Armstrong Nebula Tereshkova Antibaar land Mercury Lithium
Armstrong Nebula Tereshkova Patamalrus survey Iridium
Armstrong Nebula Tereshkova Thegeuse survey Mercury
Armstrong Nebula Vamshi Maji land Beryllium
Artemis Tau Athens Circe survey Helium-3
Artemis Tau Athens Proteus survey Oxygen
Artemis Tau Knossos Archanes survey Nitrogen
Artemis Tau Knossos (asteroid, metallic) survey Platinum
Artemis Tau Macedon Fargeluse survey Xenon
Artemis Tau Macedon Sharjila land Magnesium Thorium
Artemis Tau Macedon (asteroid, metallic) survey Titanium
Artemis Tau Sparta Alsages survey Plutonium
Artemis Tau Sparta Edolus land Palladium Lithium Polonium
Artemis Tau Sparta Ontamalca survey Hydrogen
Attican Beta Hercules Eletania land Gold
Attican Beta Hercules Zatorus survey Gold
Attican Beta Theseus Quana survey Cobalt
Gemini Sigma Han Mavigon land Gold Cobalt
Gemini Sigma Han Patatanlis survey Beryllium
Gemini Sigma Ming Parag survey Titanium
Hades Gamma Antaeus Edmos survey Hydrogen
Hades Gamma Antaeus Trebin land Plutonium
Hades Gamma Antaeus Vemal survey Uranium
Hades Gamma Cacus Chohe land Mercury Plutonium
Hades Gamma Cacus Faringor survey Polonium
Hades Gamma Cacus Zayarter survey Mercury
Hades Gamma Dis Klensal land Platinum Beryllium
Hades Gamma Dis Nearrum survey Titanium
Hades Gamma Dis (asteroid, metallic) survey Lithium
Hades Gamma Farinata Nepneu survey Thorium
Hades Gamma Farinata (asteroid, rocky) survey Magnesium
Hades Gamma Plutus Clocrolis survey Samarium
Hades Gamma Plutus Mingito survey Uranium
Hades Gamma Plutus Nonuel land Titanium Samarium
Hawking Eta Century Canctra survey Cobalt
Hawking Eta Century Presrop land Gold Uranium
Hawking Eta Century (asteroid, metallic) survey Palladium
Horse Head Nebula Fortuna Amaranthine land Iridium Thorium
Horse Head Nebula Fortuna Therumlon survey Plutonium
Horse Head Nebula Strenuus Antitarra survey Helium-3
Horse Head Nebula Strenuus Xawin land Iridium
Kepler Verge Herschel (asteroid, rocky) survey Platinum
Kepler Verge Newton Juncro survey Hydrogen
Kepler Verge Newton Ontarom land Gold
Maroon Sea Caspian Clotanca survey Iridium
Maroon Sea Caspian Farnuri survey Gold
Maroon Sea Matano Chasca land Palladium Beryllium Plutonium
Maroon Sea Matano Supay survey Magnesium
Maroon Sea Matano (asteroid, metallic) survey Platinum
Maroon Sea Vostok Nodacrux land Gold Cobalt
Maroon Sea Vostok (asteroid, metallic) survey Palladium
Styx Theta Acheron Altahe land Gold Samarium
Styx Theta Acheron Grosalgen survey Magnesium
Styx Theta Erebus Nepmos land Palladium Titanium Uranium
Styx Theta Erebus Quaji survey Platinum
Voyager Cluster Amazon Agebinium land Beryllium
Voyager Cluster Amazon Sonedma survey Polonium
Voyager Cluster Amazon Tremar survey Nitrogen
Voyager Cluster Columbia Nepheron land Platinum Beryllium Thorium
Voyager Cluster Columbia Ontaheter survey Samarium
Voyager Cluster Yangtze Binthu land Palladium Uranium
Voyager Cluster Yangtze Dregir survey Beryllium
Voyager Cluster Yangtze Patajiri survey Thorium
Total 34 34 36 10

Survey Complete

After discovering all the required minerals indicated on the journal, you will receive the UNC: Survey is complete journal entry.


  • There is currently a bug in which rapidly pressing the 'A' button upon discovery may lead to being able to survey the same mineral more than once.