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Mass EffectEdit

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This is one of the most important talents in the game. It is only available to Shepard after Spectre Training, and, unless you've specialised as a Medic, Unity is the only way to revive fallen squadmates mid-fight. During long battles, if Unity isn't maxed out you may need to quickly follow it up with Shield Boost, Barrier, or Immunity talents plus medi-gel to keep your squadmates from being killed again.

Unity Edit

Restores dead squad members with 15% health and 40% shields.

Recharge time: 150 sec.
Accuracy cost: 45%

Advanced Unity Edit

Restores dead squad members with 20% health and 60% shields.

Recharge time: 120 sec.
Accuracy cost: 45%

Master Unity Edit

Restores dead squad members with 30% health and 100% shields.

Recharge time: 90 sec.
Accuracy cost: 45%

Mass Effect 2Edit

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Unity ME2 Icon
Unity is a power in Mass Effect 2 that utilizes medi-gel to revive and heal fallen squadmates. One medi-gel is used per revived squadmate, unless both squad mates are out and you have only one medi-gel; in this case, one medi-gel will revive both squad mates. Shepard starts with the capacity to carry three medi-gels, which can be increased up to nine with maximum upgrades. Researching Emergency Shielding and Trauma Module allows fallen squadmates to rejoin combat with full shields and full health and also restores Shepard to full shields and health. Unity shares the same cooldown timer as the other powers.

Medi-gel can be administered while Shepard is under fire, and (depending on upgrades) it is capable of restoring Shepard to full health and shields even through moderate damage taken during the restore effect, making Unity a valuable "panic" button. This can be done on the move as well, but it should be noted that Unity has a delayed activation and only starts restoring health after a short animation. If Shepard is hit during the casting delay/animation period by certain enemy attacks or powers that cause staggers or stuns, the medi-gel will be interrupted before it goes into effect. Once the effect successfully begins it can't be interrupted.  

  • Recharge Time: 3.00 seconds
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