The Urdnot Camp is a small rubble-strewn settlement controlled by Clan Urdnot on the krogan homeworld of Tuchanka. A small landing pad for shuttles is connected to the camp proper by a derelict passageway. Within the camp are the throne dais for Clan Urdnot's leader, a building where representatives from other clans gather, a varren-fighting pit, the clan's food stores (frequently raided by the invasive pyjak), a merchant's kiosk, and the lab of the clan's Lord High Researcher.

Mass Effect 2Edit

Commander Shepard travels to the Urdnot Camp on Tuchanka to aid Mordin Solus in the search for a missing fellow STG member, and to help Grunt complete his Rite of Passage. Shepard can also speak with the leader of Clan Urdnot (either Urdnot Wrex or Urdnot Wreav), help a krogan mechanic find a part to repair a vehicle, take care of the clan's chronic pyjak infestation, and bet on a varren fight.

If Wrex rules Clan Urdnot, a Nakmor Ambassador and two Nakmor Warriors can be seen in the Urdnot Camp, present for negotiations with Clan Urdnot to secure an alliance.



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