Urdnot Dagg is a krogan who leads Aralakh Company if Grunt wasn't accepted into Clan Urdnot, was killed, or was never recruited.

Either Urdnot Wrex or Urdnot Wreav chooses Urdnot Dagg to lead Aralakh Company. Dagg leads Aralakh Company in assisting Commander Shepard to investigate a missing krogan scout team on Utukku. When Dagg first meets Shepard, he expresses both admiration and jealousy that Shepard has the Reapers as enemies, wondering what the Commander must have done to earn such a reputation. If Shepard answers that Dagg also came highly recommended, Dagg will reveal that the reason he was chosen as leader is because he is a respected and feared soldier who his superiors believed would help Aralakh Company achieve greater unity. Dagg knows his company: every krogan there wants blood. He frequently looks for more action; in fact, when Shepard first falls into the nest to begin the mission, Dagg assumes Shepard was eager to look for battle. However, during the time when the squad can personally overlook Aralakh Company battling rachni, Dagg has much more trouble than Grunt would, were he present, and tells Shepard to get rid of the barrier since they're getting overrun.

Dagg later sacrifices himself, fending off a swarm of Ravagers, to aid Commander Shepard and the squadmates in their escape. Unlike Grunt, there is no way to save Dagg; whether Shepard chooses to save Aralakh Company or the Rachni Queen/Breeder, Dagg will always die from being overwhelmed by Ravagers.

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