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I began playing Mass Effect in early 2014 after resisting for a long time due to games often taking over my life. I happened to see a screenshot taken during the Garrus romance, and that clinched it for me, alien-loving sap that I am.

Like a lot of players, I think my Shepard is the best ever. :) I play unashamedly as myself: 100% Paragon, 0% Renegade, with points put into the Charm talent as a priority. I prefer to play as an Engineer, and choose Sniper Rifles as my bonus talent. I play on Insanity mode. My Shepard romances no one in the first game, and Garrus in the second and third, with no flirting with Kelly Chambers or anyone else, and gosh, doesn't she sound like she rivals turians for having a stick up her arse? :) She did head-butt a krogan in ME2, if that helps. She is always friendly, jokey and caring with everyone.

When I think of the Mass Effect games, there are certain images that instantly come to mind and have come to represent the games for me. In Mass Effect, it is the close-up during the final mission of Shepard's boots when she steps out of the Citadel elevator and rotates 90 degrees. In ME2, it is an image of Miranda on board the Normandy. And in ME3, it is being behind cover during the N7: Cerberus Attack mission. This last mission is my favourite part of the series, despite it being a straight-forward fight, with no particular dialogue. I love the games' character interactions, but it seems like playing a Shepard who can not only hold her own in a fight, but can do it with style, is what is at the heart of the appeal of the games, to me.

That, and Garrus. :)

I love playing tactically, and replay the games often, aiming for the "perfect" game. I can be quite obsessive about details: I read the planet descriptions and all the codex entries on every playthrough. I insist on not killing anything at all from within the Mako. Shepard can only wear Onyx armor in the first game. If a fight is tricky and I need to retreat for a moment, I'm only allowed to do it if no squad member has fallen. I'm not allowed to fire a weapon or power and miss the target. I enjoy these small challenges, and the satisfaction of winning a fight within these constraints.

User pages[edit | edit source]

I have made a couple of pages in my user space containing information that I find interesting or useful. They duplicate information found in existing articles, but present it in a way that suits me. In case anyone else may wish to refer to them, they are:

Favourite things[edit | edit source]

I enjoy fan videos related to the Mass Effect games. These are some of my favourites, titled with the songs they are set to:


And REALLY finally, the best of all:

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