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About meEdit

I rented ME3, then purchased ME2 and 3, and then downloaded the first game when it finally came out. I also have a copy of The Art of the Mass Effect Universe (great but flawed like ME3: no discussion of human husks, Sovereign-class Reapers, Phantoms, Batarians and Vorcha). Anyway, I figure I might as well describe the four Shepards I've played through in all three games. They're actually almost identical except where noted:

Kate Shepard (Paragon Spacer/War Hero Vanguard):
Romanced Garrus
Sacrificed Kaidan, Padok
Geth heretics were rewritten
Rescued David Archer
Destroyed Collector Base
Destroyed Aratoht
Padok (not Mordin) died curing the genophage for Wrex and Bakara
Thane died protecting the Salarian Councillor
Legion was the final casualty of the battle for Rannoch
Controlled the Reapers
Mark Shepard (Renegade Colonist/Sole Survivor, Infiltrator)
Romanced Ashley
Sacrificed the Council
Kept Collector Base
Dove into synthesis beam
John Shepard (Paragon Earthborn/Sole Survivor, Soldier)
Romanced Tali
Sacrificed Ashley, the Council
Kept Collector Base
Skipped Lair of the Shadow Broker
Destroyed all synthetic life
Victoria Shepard (Renegade Colonist/Ruthless, Sentinel)
Romanced Thane
Sacrificed Ashley
Destroyed Collector Base
Skipped LotSB
Miranda died on Horizon
Controlled the Reapers

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