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Long-time wiki editor, and avid Mass Effect fan.

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Captain Kirrahe's motivational speech while preparing to assault Saren's stronghold on Virmire. It was the most memorable moment of the first game — filled with memorable moments — for me and, easily, is one of my favorite moments of gaming in general.

"You all know the mission, and what is at stake.
I have come to trust each of you with my life -- but I have also heard murmurs of discontent. I share your concerns. We are trained for espionage; we would be legends, but the records are sealed. Glory in battle is not our way.

Think of our heroes; the Silent Step, who defeated a nation with a single shot. Or the Ever Alert, who kept armies at bay with hidden facts. These giants do not seem to give us solace here, but they are not all that we are.
Before the network, there was the fleet. Before diplomacy, there were soldiers!
Our influence stopped the rachni, but before that we held the line! Our influence stopped the krogan, but before that, we held the line!

Our influence will stop Saren; in the battle today, we will hold the line!"

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  • To Tullis for all of the incredible contributions she has made to this wiki - and for all the patience she has shown me in my own editing efforts!
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