My Commander Shepard[edit | edit source]

John Shepard
ME-Enemy Container-H.pngME-Enemy Container-S.pngME-Enemy Container-S.pngME-Enemy Container-S.pngME-Enemy Container-S.pngME-Enemy Container-S.png
Origin: Earthborn
Service History: Sole Survivor
Class: Soldier
Specialization: Shock Trooper
Armament: HMWA Master X
HMWSR Master X
HMWP Master X
HMWSG Master X
Heavy Onyx X
Abilities: Marksman.png Marksman
Carnage.png Carnage
Overkill.png Overkill
Assassination.png Assassination
ShieldBoost.png Shield Boost
FirstAidIcon.png First Aid
AdrenalinBurst.png Adrenaline Burst
Immunity.png Immunity
Unity.png Unity
Morality: 100% (340/340) / 100% (340/340)
Romance: Liara
Key Choices: * Destroyed the Council
* Nominated Anderson as Councilor
* Saved Urdnot Wrex on Virmire
* Chose to save Kaidan on Virmire
* Saved the Rachni Queen
Other Choices: * Hired Garrus
* Garrus is neutrally-aligned
* Recovered Wrex's family armor
* Killed Fist
* Chose a diplomatic approach in interview with Al-Jilani
* Intimidated Conrad Verner
* Persuaded Michael Petrovsky to back down
* Saved Shiala
* Saved the colony on Feros
* Saved Captain Kirrahe
* Spared Rana Thanoptis
* Helped Gianna Parasini
* Completed The Consort's quest
* Completed Nassana's quest
* Completed all Cerberus-related quests
* Let Major Toombs commit suicide
* Persuaded Helena Blake to change her ways
* Killed Finch
* Found all resources
* Found all of Matriarch Dillinaga's writings
* Purchased Elkoss Combine license
Difficulty: Insanity

John Shepard
Enemy Container-SH.png
Class: Infiltrator
Specialization: Agent
Equipment: M-98 Widow
M-12 Locust
M-5 Phalanx
M-920 Cain
Abilities: Disruptor Ammo ME2 Icon.png Squad Disruptor Ammo
Cloak ME2 Icon.png Enhanced Tactical Cloak
Incinerate ME2 Icon.png Incineration Blast
Hacking ME2 Icon.png AI Hacking
Gethshieldboost.png Improved Geth Shield Boost
Morality: 99.9% (999pts) / 78.4% (784 pts)
Romance: Samara, Jack, Kelly, Liara and Miranda (in that order)
Suicide Mission casualties: * Tali (accidental)
* Jack (deliberate)
Key Choices: * Destroyed the Collector Base
* Rewrote Geth Heretics
* Saved Maelon's research data
Other Choices: * Reactivated Legion
* Did not wake up Grunt
* Spectre Status restored
* Persuaded Miranda to talk to her sister
* Arrested Ronald Taylor
* Garrus killed Sidonis
* Samara killed Morinth
* Reunited Thane and Kolyat
* Jack's Loyalty Mission completed, Aresh killed
* Zaeed killed Vido Santiago
* Kept Keiji's Graybox
* Turned David Archer over to Grissom Academy
* Drank Serrice Ice Brandy with Dr. Chakwas
* Kelly Chambers feeds Shepard's fish
* Made Mordin sing (and now regret it)
* Chose a diplomatic approach in interview with Al-Jilani (again)
* Told Kargesh there is no fish in the Presidium lakes
* Helped Shiala on Illium
* Reunited Charr and Ereba
* Completed Conrad Verner's quest; shot him in the foot; persuaded to start anew
* Saw footage of Matriarch Aethyta in Shadow Broker's base
* Purchased Space Hamster
* Purchased Prejek Paddle Fish
* Acquired the Thanix Cannon, Cyclonic Barrier and Silaris Armor upgrades
* Did not use Cosmetic Surgery
Difficulty: Insanity
DLCs used: * Zaeed - The Price of Revenge
* Kasumi - Stolen Memory
* Firewalker Pack
* Overlord
* Lair of the Shadow Broker
* Cerberus Weapon and Armor
* Arc Projector
* Aegis Pack
* Firepower Pack
* Arrival

John Shepard
ME3 Enemy-SH.gif
Class: Infiltrator
Armament: M-76 Revenant
Abilities: ME3 Disruptor Ammo.png Disruptor Ammo
ME3 Cryo Ammo.png Cryo Ammo
ME3 Tactical Cloak.png Tactical Cloak
ME3 Incinerate.png Incinerate
ME3 Sabotage.png Sabotage
ME3 Sticky Grenade.png Sticky Grenade
ME3 Armor Piercing Ammo.png Armor-Pirecing Ammo
Reputation: 65% / 35%
Romance: Kaidan
  • Priority: Mars: Was nice to Kaidan.
  • Priority: Tuchanka: Cured the genophage.
  • Priority: The Citadel II: Kaidan sided with Shepard. Shot Udina.
  • Priority: Rannoch: Destroyed the quarians.
  • Priority: Horizon: Miranda Lawson is alive.
  • Attican Traverse: The Rachni: Saved the Rachni queen.
  • Omega: Aria T'Loak: Influenced Aria T'Loak to be more Paragon.
  • Javik's Fate: Write a book with Liara T'Soni.
  • Fate of the Galaxy: Control the Reapers.

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