aka Wayne

  • I live in Colorado Springs, CO
  • I was born on October 17
  • I am Male.

av = Colorado Avalanche Hockey Club

I don't do "to do" lists and I contribute in cycles, but I will be around.

Mass Effect Edit

I enjoy playing multiple characters with different personalities, classes, etc.. I prefer good characters overall but revenge can be sweet. With Mass Effect's background system and character creation I plan on playing:

  • Rohgar - Spacer/War Hero/Soldier - Hard ass who's nice to kids and most women but expects all men to "cowboy up" to nay challenges. Mostly renegade with some paragon. Intimidater.
  • Randal - Earthborn/Ruthless/Soldier - Old pen and paper NPC: a cold, calculating scientist (engineer). All renegade, all the time.
  • "John" - Colonist/Survivor/Sentinel - Another PnP NPC: wizard character named Sargoth but I though name too old for ME. All good.
  • Sativa (F) - Colonist/Ruthless/Infiltrator - Caricature of drow females. Mostly renegade with a heart deep underneath.
  • Aleica (F) - Spacer/Survivor/Adept - Should a monk-like character named Krom but with no melee and so much dialogue switched to female but same outlook: good but won't be taken advantage of without payback. Charmer.
  • Wayne - Earth/War Hero/Vanguard - General purpose. Good, but not always. Charm and Intimidate.

Other wikis Edit

These are other wikis I've contributed to or watch:

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