About meEdit

Well, I'm twenty-year-old female gamer and graphic design major. I've got a huge love for the Mass Effect games and find myself extremely fascinated by the mechanics of its universe. I'm not a walking encyclopedia yet, though. I generally only make small edits here and there, as there are individuals with far more time and dedication that usually get to the page first. *chuckle*

Impressions on the newest DLC: *cackles madly* Good God, the Firewalker is amazing! I love it! Also, It's nice to see Jack in clothing that can be called such, Garrus in some new not-broken armor, and Thane in something that actually protects his manly frog-chest. =3

My contributionsEdit

My favorite pages (In no particular order...)Edit

  • Kasumi Goto I'm really enjoying watching the growth of information we have on her.
  • Garrus Vakarian Because he's Space Batman and I can't get enough of the guy.
  • Reapers Simply awesome. *squee* I'm so looking forward to ME3!
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