My name is Chris I am one of the Administrators here, if you need me to sort out anything just post it in my talk page and I will receive and email immediately so I can respond quickly.

I am a SciFi junkie and I love this game even if I have to play the boring side missions again and again in order to get the achievements for associated with the teammates (it is a badge of honour and once I have all 1000 gamerpoints I will wear it proudly). I have completed the game and I loved the main quest even if it was a bit short after the Citadel. I know it seems like I am complaining a lot but it pails in comparison to the praise I could say.

I will be working on the creation of new articles, filling those that are short and fixing any links found within the current ones. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

My Limited Edition ProblemsEdit

I live in Australia and we are not getting the LE here. So what I had to do was order the LE version from a UK site so it will be PAL. The problem is that their release date is the 23rd and the Aus is the 22nd, with shipping time added onto that I would be lucky if I receive the game a week after it comes out here. As I would gladly pay a small fortune to have the game early I will buy the Aus version and then sell it when the UK version arrives. In the end it will cost me around $135 about $15 more than a standard Limited Edition of a game.

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