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I live in a South East Asian country. Work from home as a translator for several publishers and a National State Commission (not a civil servant, though). An avid gamer since Prince of Persia (classic). A fan of everything Bioware or Blizzard. RPG and turn based games are my games of choice, though unfortunately there are less and less of the TBS games lately. Still have my copies of Heroes of Might and Magic III, Alpha Centaury and the Campaign Series' Rising Sun on my hard disk.

I love history. From the dawn of life to the contemporary history in the making. And I recognize that wars and conflicts shape humanity as much as philosophy and technology. Dad was a marine, now retired, a warrant officer in the marine corps boot camp (here it's called "Lieutenant's Aide First Class"). That's what started my love-hate relationship with everything that spells "weapon".

If not playing games on my PC (I'm married happily to that platform, thank you), I write pamphlets on civil and economic rights.

Current Project(s) in ME WikiEdit

  • Running Engineer on Insanity to provide clues to improve the Engineer (ME2 Guide).
  • Running Kasumi (just got the DLC) through every mission.

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I won't be active as an editor for at least 2 weeks, starting May 24. Lots of deadlines, folks. See ya on the other side.

Won't be playing ME2 as much, 'cause time will be spent watching Football World Cup 2010. Yes. It's "football," not "soccer."

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