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Hopeless idealist. Every time I even try the tiniest little Renegade option, my inner Jedi makes me reload my save. :/

Some information about my main Shepard:

Mass Effect Romance: No-one (at least in my carried-over save to ME2). Kaidan wasn't an option.

Mass Effect 2 Romance: Again, no-one

I'm very interested in the galactic politics of the Mass Effect Universe, and was kinda disappointed that it didn't have a greater focus in the second game (though I'm sure it will be of huge importance in the third). Bioware has crafted a very unique and compelling political situation, full of exploitation, conflict and intrigue; and so far despite glimpses of potential it hasn't really been given justice. I am fervently hoping that some of the storylines that have been developed for two games will be wrapped up in Mass Effect 3; including the fate of the rachni, the krogan, the geth and the council species. For my mind, a greater focus on some of the 'minor races' (the volus and elcor, for example) would really fill out and polish the universe a little more. Mass Effect attempted this barely by means of a conversation with Avina; but an argument with a computer about the validity of inequality among the council species is a little pointless.

I saved the Council in the first game; again my hopeless idealism made it impossible to sacrifice galactic unity for human pre-eminence. Given the alarmignly fascist state of affairs in ME2 (even with an alien Council, but apparently more so with an Udina-led human one), it looks saving them was the better choice for galactic 'democracy'.

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  • Pod Crabs - delicious when roasted. Beware of claws...
  • Elcor - [Enthusiastic explanation]: A very very cool species. We need to see more of them!
  • Geth - a very well done article. Intriguing and exciting species. Not a cliche. I talk like Mordin?
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