• My occupation is Videogame Designer (games you've probably heard of, but not any of the ones I edit wikis for)
  • I am Male

About meEdit


I'm 47 years old and played Mass Effect from day one. Many years visiting the wiki as a "reader" before I became an "editor".

For single player I specialize in Insanity mode playthroughs and particularly "Iron Man Insanity" where I start at the beginning of Mass Effect 1 and play all the way through Mass Effect 3, and if I ever die I have to start all over at the beginning of the current game. So far I've completed a Soldier run, an Adept, an Infiltrator, and a Sentinel, and am now working on Engineer. If you haven't tried it... totally changes your approach to the game, I highly recommend it. Adept the easiest overall across the three games IMHO, though Sentinel featured the only "perfect game on the very first try" - for ME2.

I've played a bunch of multiplayer and have lots and lots of Gold extractions but let my skills lapse before Platinum came out so I've never tried that. I'm sure I'll get back to it after my obsession with Insanity Iron Man fades.

Wiki PhilosophyEdit

A wiki moves forward based on collaboration and consensus, which necessarily involve disagreement from time to time. The best article written about the proper way to collaborate on a wiki when disagreements arise is here on Wikipedia. Wikia itself promotes a similar philosophy in its own guidlines for example here.

If you disagree with my edit or revert or whatever, I don't take it personally, let's just discuss. If the consensus goes against me, I have a long record of letting it drop. About the only way you can offend me is not being willing to accept the results of a community discussion. Just because a disagreement is over something "small" like a sentence or wording choice doesn't mean it doesn't deserve discussion (if you think something is actually too small to be worth discussion and consensus procedures, feel free to just let me have my way!)

Wiki InterestsEdit

I've been especially interested in the Walkthroughs, improving them particularly for those concerned with Insanity-level play. I like "preparation" sections on walkthroughs because they jog one's memory about what to bring along without me needing to have my hand held through the entire mission.

A secondary interest is helping new wiki users learn to contribute effectively - there's a steep learning curve between clicking the "Edit" button for the first time and being a confident editor, and I hate seeing folks get derailed by avoidable things like not understanding the edit war rules, how to deal with edits getting reverted, etc. It's really a Wikia-level gap and what Silicon Valley types would refer to as poor "web product management" - they work hard to get you to click the edit button that first time, but the first time someone disagrees with you you're dropped straight into the deep end of why-didn't-you-read-all-the-policies-first and needing to understand how talk pages work. So anyway when I see new users come along that fit the pattern of trying to make a reasonable contribution but not understanding the policies/etiquette, etc, well enough to have an impact, I try to help them a bit to lessen the early frustration level.

Fun Alternate Ways to do MissionsEdit

  • Find and destroy all 35 cameras in Overlord.
  • Get from the starting point to the far end of the tramway in Priority: Mars without shooting, or targeting abilities on, any Cerberus dudes. Double points if you're not an infiltrator.
  • Do all the husk sections of Priority: Palaven, including the turret section, using nothing but Throw.
  • Kill four harvesters in Tuchanka: Turian Platoon (and if you can figure out how to kill the fifth that's only on the screen for like 3 seconds, by all means let me know...)

Rodriguez Took One in the Arm, Because She Didn't Watch Her Barrier Edit

Remember never to die again in the following stupid-yet-easy-to-forget ways during Insanity Iron Man runs:

  1. Don't fight multiple Rachni Brood Warriors on foot.
  2. Priority: Eden Prime - don't walk up the staircase into the pair of turrets.
  3. Grissom Academy - In second part of atrium (Rodriguez took one in the arm, because she didn't watch her barriers), they like to put a turret you can't see right above the doorway you come in.
  4. Rannoch: Crash Site - when approaching the AA sites with the mannable turrets, DON'T run straight up to the half wall thinking you'll get in cover before the turret can fry you. Get in cover behind the full-height wall first instead, then slide out.
  5. Priority: Rannoch - 3 Primes room: DON'T try to grab the heavy gun before getting into cover, DON'T activate any abilities while running for cover. DO use Sabotage the instant you're in cover.
  6. Mahavid - Unless you're an infiltrator don't get greedy and try to save the rocket: kill at least one of the pair of banshees with it.

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