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Suicide Mission Guide Edit

The Ultimate Guide on BSN. The one here is missing key bits of information.

Flowchart based on one by and corrected.

Collector Base: The Long Walk Edit

Order in which crew members are taken by seeker swarm if biotic specialist is non-ideal in :

Thane, Jack, Garrus, Legion, Grunt, Samara, Jacob, Mordin, Tali, Kasumi, Zaeed, Morinth.

Note: Order is regardless of loyalty.

If crew member is taken by seeker swarm and fire team leader was solitary, fire team leader will survive regardless of loyalty.

Collector Base: Hold the Line Edit

Defensive scores (+1 for loyalty).

  • 3 – Garrus, Grunt, Zaeed
  • 1 – Jacob, Miranda, Legion, Samara/Morinth, Thane
  • 0 – Jack, Kasumi, Mordin, Tali

Collector Ship (mission) trigger Edit

  • Have at least 8 crew members.
  • Finish at least 5 loyalty missions or assignments.
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