aka Adrian

  • I live in Sweden
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
“A division of Elkoss Combine.”

Hello. I maintain this profile to post questions or ask for a page to be updated by others (too insecure to edit myself). As for the games, I prefered the Paragon path and my favorite combat styles were:

ME1: Infintrator, Commando Specialization. Edit

Reason: Immunity at full power provides 90% Damage reduction and with the right mods can reach 100% uptime. Add to that Marksman that makes pistols shot as fast as assault rifles. Electronics and Decryption for Overload and Sabotage as well as Utility (can pick a squad without having to worry about bringing along a techie) and I'm quite pleased.

ME2: Soldier, Reave bonus power. Edit

A single point in Adrenaline Rush gives the full duration, more points just reduce cooldown. I ignore concussive shot and turn Incendary and Disruptor ammo into their heavy varieties. Meanwhile making Cryo ammo into squad for added crowd control. On the Collector Ship I pick up the Revenant and I use Reave as a bonus power because it A) Allows me to do something even if I'm out of ammo and B) Restores health.

ME3 Singleplayer: Infiltrator, Defense Matrix bonus power. Edit

  • Prefered weapons: Tempest with bonus damage and scope (it actually gets quite accurate) and Paladin with damage and armor piercing.
  • Prefered Squadmates: Tali for Sabotage, Combat Drone and Energy Drain, while armed with a Geth Plasma Shotgun. Kaidan for Reave and Overload while armed with a Revenant.


  • Disruptor Ammo evolved into squad, allowing for a tech burst fest of destruction that I use incinderate to trigger.
  • Cryo Ammo on my Paladin to slow down armored enemies like Brutes or Pyros.
  • Incinerate: Area > Damage over time > bonus vs Armor
  • Sabotage evolved for Explosive hack+Tech Vulnerability, making a sabotage>incinderate combo deal double damage and if it's a synthetic I get a nice explosion when I kill it.
  • Sticky Grenade is my panic ability, only used when I discover I made a bad decision and need to correct it with explosives.
  • Passives are evolved to maximize survivability and power damage
  • Defense Matrix is used for both it's damage reduction and shield recharge on purge.
  • Tactical Cloak, for this build it's my least used power. Only used to sprint from cover to cover or revive a fallen squadmate without medigel.

ME3 Multiplayer: Geth Engineer. Edit

The Geth turret acts like a portable shield pylon and has saved my ass enough times for me to actually evolve it to make it's shield recovery function better, even if it costs me damage. Then Overload, evolved into chain (both of them) allowing me to hit 3 targets, great for a short term stun, shield destroyer and tech burst trigger. Weapons I change from time to time for variation but I always carry atleast one with the armor piercing mod.

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