Hi there,

I am a 20-year-old guy who is currently residing in Saudi Arabia. I go to King Abdulaziz University, where I am a computer science major with a minor in astronomy. I am fascinated by the Mass Effect universe!

Truth told, while I may not be an everyday-editor, I do go through many articles on the Wiki, looking for any possible edits while enjoying reading them. I have mostly contributed to the walkthrough of several ME1 assignments, as well as the planetary database and necessary calculations. I have also contributed to a number of ME2-related articles.

My most recent project was determining the mass of every star in the galaxy map version of Mass Effect 2, with the permission of respected admins DRY and SpartHawg948. Because I couldn't find a decent software to help me do things my way, I wrote my own and started gathering up the necessary data in order to perform the calculations. It wasn't an easy task, but I finally managed to calculate the mass of every star in the game and post it in its respective article.

I look forward to playing a more significant role in the near future. Nevertheless, I always find it enjoyable to just browse the Wiki and praise my fellow fans' awesome work.

Fiery Phoenix

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