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About meEdit

A 29 year old father of three from the UK. Mass Effect is one of my favourite fictional universes and has been ever since I played the first game, but I am also a big sci-fi/fantasy/horror fan with interests in a wide range of differing styles and sources.

I am also an amateur writer, mainly fan-fiction but with several original ideas as well. However while I can plan amazing stories I have great difficulty keeping the momentum to actually complete them once I have the full synopsis planned. I have a page on facebook (Garhdo) where I have posted several bits. I am also currently undertaking a home-learning course in video game development.

After a somewhat unexpected leave of absence from the wikia I am hoping to become more involved once again in the run up to the next game, to hopefully help improve this site and make it what I know it can be.

Mass Effect Art AppreciationEdit

[1] Why I will NEVER pick Destroy

[2] Why I am okay with my Shepard's death

[3] Victory in the Heavens

Stuff To ProposeEdit

  • Splitting Commander Shepard's page into a in-universe character page and a real-world character creation page. - See Also User:Garhdo/Sandbox
  • Motion to put all characters from a media onto its respective character page, as well as defined guidelines as to who gets images on the page.
  • Motion for a Minor Characters archive page, similar to pages on Wikipedia, archiving all characters with minimalistic information who don't deserve full pages, such as Salkie, Cathka, Lilith, as well as background characters in ME3. - currently being proposed by TheUnknown
  • Motion to archive external content such as ANN in-universe blogs, and any other relevant content, on the wiki. - was proposed by DeldiRe and passed. Need to check his status at a later date.
  • Document all default choices in Main series games (default settings in New Games, Action Mode, etc) and give them pages. - See Below
  • Going through Talk Page archives and creating to-do list projects to improve pages.
  • Currently have an open policy proposal to clarify abilities of admins to reduce counter-productive arguments. - See here Forum:Proposal of Admin Rules and Regulations

Mass Effect RetrospectiveEdit

I also have a Mass Effect Retrospective forth-coming which will be published via the blogs in 8 parts, covering the entire Trilogy. Links will be posted here as each part is posted.

  1. A New World - Mass Effect
  2. A Suicide Mission - Mass Effect 2
  3. Bridging the Gap - Mass Effect '2.5'
  4. The Reapers Arrive - Mass Effect 3
  5. Galaxy At War - Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
  6. Ending the Saga - Mass Effect 3 Endings
  7. Expanding the Universe - Mass Effect DLC
  8. One More Story - Mass Effect Citadel

Non-Wiki StuffEdit

Mass Effect: The Reaper WarEdit

I am currently working on a tabletop game based mainly on Warhammer 40,000 and the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. Once completed it should allow for a squad of high-powered allies to battle against a horde of larger Reaper forces with the goal of completing objectives in a fast-paced battle. This is being completely done for my own enjoyment but if anyone is interested in playtesting then please leave me a message on my talk page.

If successful I will expand the rules to reflect other conflicts in the Mass Effect Universe, including the Rachni Wars, Krogan Rebellions, First Contact War and others.

Mass Effect 3: Action mode Edit

Noted here are the options taken throughout the game if the Action mode of Mass Effect 3 is played. Will be adding to this as I play through my save. It should be noted that I have heard that the game changes depending upon the import. This game was played using an imported Renegon Female Shepard save started in Mass Effect 2 but using Mass Effect: Genesis.

Main GameEdit

  • Most conversations seem to take a Renegade edge by default, however interrupts can still be used, and there are a few Paragon points gained and Shepard is friendly to squadmates both past and present. Shepard also does not take Investigate conversation options.
  • Doctor Chakwas is recruited as the Normandy's doctor.
  • Shepard tells James Vega not to refer to them with a nickname.
  • Allers is brought aboard the Normandy. Conversations make no attempt to remove her. Shepard flirts with her after Tuchanka but not after Rannoch.
  • James was selected to fix the comm station on Menae: Command Outpost over Liara.
  • My imported Romance with Garrus Vakarian was ended. No other romance is being pursued.
  • EDI is told not to alter her programming and that Shepard is not the best person to ask opinions of.
  • Shepard doesn't buy a round for either the soldiers or James.
  • With Jack alive the biotic students are forced into an active combat role. However if Jack is dead and Jason Prangley is killed during the mission they are put in a defensive role.
  • It is currently unknown what happens if Jack dies during the mission but Prangley lives.
  • NB: this was with an import where Maelon's data was saved and Wrex died. May be different if the data is lost, Eve dies, or Wrex lives.
  • Shepard later reveals the truth of this to Garrus during a conversation on the Normandy after the Fall of Thessia, if the interrupt is taken and the genophage is not cured.
  • Shepard will not miss the shot against Garrus on the Citadel.
  • Shepard will not reinforce Lee Riley, leading to her death.
  • Shepard will plead with Tactus for the medical supplies.
  • Admiral Koris cannot be persuaded to give his co-ordinates and thus dies against the geth.
  • The Geth VI was stopped from uploading the code and thus the quarian fleet destroyed the geth.
  • NB: this was with an import where Legion was sold to Cerberus. May differ if he is present.

From AshesEdit

Main mission content unchanged. However towards the endgame Javik is encouraged to use the memory shard. When asked, Shepard responds that he/she is fighting for their loved ones. Javik gives the shard to Shepard during Priority: Earth.

Mass Effect 3: LeviathanEdit

Story content unchanged, however conversations are all renegade. The interrupts to save Ann Bryson remain.

Mass Effect 3: OmegaEdit

Conversations are more renegade, but the interrupts remain for shutting off the power and sparing Oleg Petrovsky. Story content unchanged.

Mass Effect 3: CitadelEdit

  • The Clone is kicked to their death.
  • Maya Brooks escapes. Can be killed via Renegade Interrupt.
  • FemShep flirts with James Vega during the apartment meet. However Shepard cools it off and it cannot lead to a Romance at the Party.
  • Leads EDI to buy a seat comfort for Joker, rather than renting the car.
  • Shepard tells Grunt to apologise to C-Sec.
  • Shepard bets on the home team in the Biotiball game.
  • Shepard doesn't not encourage Traynor, and she loses the Kapesh-Yakshi tournament.
  • Only one of Thane Krios's video messages is available.
  • Kasumi is allowed to rob the Silver Coast Casino.
  • Shepard vouches for Joker at the bar.
  • The Party has a lively atmosphere.
  • Mordin Solus's datapad was absent after the party. Unknown if this is due to betraying him.
  • Before returning to the Normandy Joker and Shepard share a brief conversation in the docking bay.


NB: Unlike in the normal game, once selecting Cronos Station on the Galaxy Map the mission cannot be avoided.

  • Each console within Cronos Station will only show one video log, meaning that some dialogue with EDI will be missed.
  • Major Coats is among Shepard's squad during the speech at the Forward Operations Base.
  • Shepard will speak positively to all squadmates at the Forward Operations Base.
  • The Illusive Man will force Shepard to shoot Anderson. He cannot be convinced of his indoctrination and so renegade interrupts must be used in order to prevent him from killing both Anderson and Shepard.
  • The Catalyst will not be asked for any more information regarding the choices presented, and Shepard will not refute them. As a result Refusal cannot be triggered in conversation and Shepard is free to select a new solution.
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