Introduction[edit | edit source]

Mass Effect 1 & 2 where the first games that brought me to the gaming section of wikia, I used the planets list and morality guide lists to try and get the most that I could in each bar, as well as a tonne of tips around the wiki.

I have never joined a wikia before but I feel I should give something back to the community after all the help it has been to me, as well as this I hope to make new friends with likeminded interests.

As well as this I have made a spreadsheet (openable in either Excel or OpenOffice) for automated tracking of how many minerials are required for the remainder of upgrades that a user has not acquired, this also takes discounts into account.

This is because, as the wikia tells in the Upgrade guide, there is not enough money to mine indefinitely. Anyone is free to use this spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is below.

Files To Help With Mass Effect 2[edit | edit source]

[Mineral Tracking Spreadsheet 4]

Change Log:

4.0 Added equipment and every Misc item in the game as credit's now allow players to acquire it all.

3.1 Fixed minor aesthetic error where the sheet displayed the discounts as 17%,

3.0 Store discounts properly added (previously assumed to be 25% when it is infact 16.6666667% with the result rounded up

2.5 Store discounts taken into account for trial

2.0 Engineer Discounts taken into account

1.0 Basic spreadsheet without engineer discounts or store discounts included

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