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  • I live in Sydney, Australia
  • I was born on January 1

My contributionsEdit

My ShepardsEdit

Drake ShepardEdit
Drake Shepard
Background: Earthborn War Hero
Class: Infiltrator
Armament: N7 Valkyrie V
N7 Valiant V
Level: 56

Disruptor Ammo 6
Cryo Ammo 2
Incinerate 6
Tactical Cloak 6
Sticky Grenade 6
Sabotage 5
Defense Matrix 6

Reputation: 100%
Paragon: 47%
Renegade: 53%
Romance: Jack

Mass EffectEdit

  • Saved the Feros colony.
  • Freed the Rachni Queen.
  • Wrex survived. Sacrificed Ashley Williams.
  • Sacrificed the Council and Destiny Ascension.
  • Nominated David Anderson for Councillor.
  • Sacrificed X57 hostages.
  • Executed Balak.

Mass Effect 2Edit

  • Activated Legion.
  • Stopped Mordin killing Maelon.
  • Destroyed Maelon's research.
  • Sided with Samara.
  • Revealed evidence of Rael'Zorah's experiments.
  • Advocated against war with the geth.
  • Spared Collector Base.
  • Casualties: Tali.

Mass Effect 3Edit

Tanya ShepardEdit
Tanya Shepard
Enemy Container-BH
Background: Colonist Sole Survivor
Class: Adept
Specialisation Nemesis
Armament: X-97e Viper Sniper Rifle
X-12e Locust SMG
S-5d Phalanx Heavy Pistol
Arc Projector

Warp ME2 Icon Warp
Throw ME2 Icon Heavy Throw
Singularity ME2 icon Singularity
Pull ME2 Icon Pull Field
Shockwave ME2 Icon Shockwave
Me2barrier Barrier

Paragon: 100%
Renegade: 18%
Romance: Kaidan

Mass EffectEdit

Mass Effect 2Edit

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