• I live in Chicago
  • I was born on October 21
“A planeta usque ad planeta.”

Hello there, welcome to my Mass Effect Wiki page. If you are reading this then you obviously would like to know more about me. Read on.

This is actually the only website I turn to for public discussion at the moment. I have contributed to many websites in the past—mostly for graphics and articles—including professional ones like gaming sites as well as for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club.

My username is the title of a track from a Belgian band, Venus. You can listen to it on Youtube if you wish. Music is a big inspiration for most of my work, hence the chosen name.

Ben Shepard

Ben ShepardEdit

If you would like to create my male Shepard and use him in your game, the specs are listed below along with some background on what major choices he made.


  • 112.FKK.RQQ.I5D.DBP.IBQ.HFH.BHH.PB4.DJ8.837.6
  • Engineer
  • Earthborn
  • War Hero

Mass EffectEdit

Mass Effect 2Edit

  • Recruited and recovered all possible crew members and completed their loyalty missions
  • Remained loyal to Liara despite advances by the charming Tali'Zorah nar Rayya
  • Saved Maelon's research
  • Chose to help Samara kill her daughter Morinth
  • Cleared Tali of treason charges by using the paragon path
  • Destroyed the heretic Geth space station
  • Destroyed the Collector base with 100% survival rate

Mass Effect 3Edit

More to come.

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