This is just to allow me to remove a lot of content from my user page. This is mostly here for my reference.


About me Edit

MassEffect 2008-08-13 11-16-38-71

I am a huge fan of the Mass Effect Universe, however when I started editing here way back in 2008, I only made around 60 edits or so before the release of Mass Effect 2. After the release of ME2 is when I really started getting involved in this wiki and now I have well over the amount of edits I thought I would have. Even so, I do know quite a lot about the games, the books, and getting better at the comics, so I do know what I am talking about, usually. I will admit when I am wrong so you have no worries there.

As to my schooling I am in college and enjoying it. I am studying Video Game Design and Development and enjoying it.

MassEffect 2008-08-13 12-37-22-09
Because I wrote a lot of the walkthoughs, or in the process of rewriting them, I take a personal measure to keep them free of spam. I don't remove anything good but if something completely false is added, I will be removing it. Also if there are new walkthoughs, you can probably bet I will be creating the pages or at least updating them after they are up. I can write a major walkthough in about a day, give or take a few hours. So as new DLC packs come out, I will be writing the walkthoughs for them. As to my knowledge of the walkthoughs, I have 20+ completed ME walkthoughs and at present 15+ ME2 walkthroghs.

Also I am one of the Mass Effect Wiki's admins, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message on my talk page. No matter the question I will try to help out if I can, otherwise I will direct you in the right direction, or at least try to. Just a fair warning, if you have a question on the day a new DLC pack comes out, I may not answer right away, unless it's a vandel, as I will be writing the walkthoughs for it if it has missions or assignmets. Otherwise I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

Milestones Edit

Council Spectre Induction

I put this here because I have a habit of keeping track of dates and things I accomplish. So if this seems like a self-indulgence trip, well it is. This is my user page after all.

2010 Edit

5,000 Edits: Wow, today I hit a milestone, well to me anyway, edit number 5,000. I thought it would take me well over a year to get to this point. Oh well, 5,000 and counting, as I don't plan to stop anytime soon. Ok enough with my self-indulgence trip. Lancer1289 04:19, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

6,000 Edits: Another milestone today, and on the eve of the release of Overlord of all days. I guess I have to write those guides in the next few days. Anyway, I am doing the math and just a mere 11 days since I made my 5,000th edit. Now I can celebrate edit number 6,000. Man, the last days seemed to drag on, mainly due to summer classes and a massive paper, but I have no intention of slowing down. My goal by the end of 2010 is me celebrating edit number 10,000. Well that is enough of my second self-indulgence trip. Lancer1289 05:13, June 15, 2010 (UTC)

7,000 Edits: Well I'll have to make this quick, but edit number 7,000. Wow I am really moving along here. Yea. Lancer1289 05:44, June 26, 2010 (UTC)

  • 7,000 Edits Addendum: I hit yet another milestone today with edit number 7,000. The ironic thing I found is that it is yet another 11 days, almost to the minute but I was off by a half hour, 31 minutes if you want to be exact, since edit number 6,000. I can't believe how fast my edit counter has gone up in the last 11 days, but when I really started editing here I couldn't possibly imagine that I'd be at 7,000 edits in under 5 months. I really made my first edit, when I started contributing heavly, between my spring semester classes on January 28, 2010. Before then I had only made edits filling in armor stats and one edit to the Citadel: Signal Tracking page about how you acquire the mission. If you had asked me when I made those first edits on the Normandy SR-2 page about where Jack was, if I though I'd be here today with 7,000 edits, I'd say you were crazy. I never expected my counter and my contributions to go up that fast, but I guess it did. As I have said, I don't plan to stop anytime soon. Well that is enough of my third or fourth self-indulgence trip, but I like to keep track of these things. Lancer1289 06:27, June 26, 2010 (UTC)

Administrator Status: Not really an edit count milestone but a significant one for me and I think a promotion to Admin/Sysop is worth mentioning. Anyway my role just increased and I will still do everything I can to help out and make this place better for everyone. Lancer1289 03:25, July 6, 2010 (UTC)

8,000 Edits: While it may not be 11 days since my last milestone of 7,000, edit number 8,000. Wow I am really moving along. The last two weeks have really flown by. So yea edit number 8,000. Lancer1289 22:17, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

9,000 Edits: Well it may have been 16 days, but this makes yet another thousand edits, making my total 9,000. So I am continually moving along here and making this a better place for everybody. Lancer1289 19:40, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

10,000 Edits: Well it may be a few months yet to the end of the year, but edit number 10,000. I've stopped counting days, nor to I care so anymore, but still I never thought I'd be at 10,000 by now. I thought I'd be here in 2011, not today. Still so much work to do. Lancer1289 20:18, August 9, 2010 (UTC)

11,000 Edits: Well there is much work left to do, especially with Lair of the Shadow Broker approaching in a little more than a week. However, today I can celebrate my 11,000th edit. Wow, and I know I keep saying this, but I never thought I'd have this many edits, this quickly, or before mid next year. That said, I enjoy editing here and communicating with the people on this site that make this a better place for both users and visitors alike. So edit number 11,000 is just another start, there is still much work that needs to be done. Lancer1289 06:06, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

12,000 Edits: LotSB just came out, and it was great wasn't it. However I'd like to add yet another 1000 edits to my tally. Well acutally this will 12,004, but I had to take care of admin things. There is still so much more work to do here and making this a better place for anyone who visits here. I have really come to enjoy working on this wiki with everyone that edits here, and other places. So 12,000, yet another point, and it can only go up from there. Lancer1289 20:56, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Normandy Personal Quarters

13,000 Edits: Well Wikia is coming out with a new skin and that means a lot of work fixing articles to make them appear the same way. Anyway 13,000 edits is still something to note as I continue. However it is also nice that my Xbox 360 finally came back from its stint in the repair center. Oh Well you have to what you have to do at times. So with the new skin coming out, there will be much work to do as we adapt to it. So yep 13,000 and I can only guess where will the counter go from here. Lancer1289 00:50, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

14,000 Edits + 15,000 Edits: Well I forgot about 14,000 thousand and I fell asleep at my computer last night so I needed sleep before I could make 15,000 so here one for both. It hs been very busy here since October and with the release of the PS3 version just a few weeks away I predict it will only get busier. Also my goal of puchasing a PS3 didn't come through this Christmas, so I'll have to wait for my birthday or sometime before that. Also with Mass Effect 3 finally announced, hopefully we can get ready for it before the release. Also what happened with the DLC, but at least we have assurances that mroe is one the way. Still a dry spell from September, a little more of a dry spell than I expected. So another 2,000 is more is just further along. At this rate, how long until I hit 20,000... Lancer1289 17:34, December 27, 2010 (UTC)

2011 Edit

16,000 Edits: Almost a month since my last edit here, but yet another 1,000 to add to the score. With the release of the PS3 version came a few headaches, but less than I anticipated, but less than PS3 users are getting. I'm glad the Xbox and PC don't have those problem, but still that is a really bad thing. I really wouldn't want 15 hours of work go to waste in a split second. Oh well hopefully it will be sorted out. Still another 1,000, and more to come. Lancer1289 18:22, January 26, 2011 (UTC)

17,000 Edits: Just about another month since the last time I updated this, but I add a little more than a thousand this time. A thousand and ten to be exact. I missed 17,000 earlier today, or last night, unsure which. A number of things have happened but there are too many to go into. So let's keep going and we are all now looking forward to a new DLC pack. BioWare, don't assume that something will be invisible. Lancer1289 17:58, February 22, 2011 (UTC)


18,000 Edits: With the release of the final story DLC pack for Mass Effect 2 just a few days away, and I can't wait for it. However, this marks another 1,000 edits to tally up and I've noticed a number of things since about a month ago. There has been a lot more vandalism in the last month, ranging from eye rolling, to...well words just can't describe come of it. On the flip side of that, there have been more people popping in an out, mainly IPs, with generally good edits to grammar, spelling, and a few other things. Sometimes I can't figure out how some things get overlooked, but then as the old saying goes, no one is perfect and generally it requires a second, or third, or even fourth set of eyes to catch some small things. The biggest thing going on has been the war over the Illusive Man and whether not he is Jack Harper. Is he Jack, more than likely, and I'm willing to bet that he is, but can't we just wait until issue four comes out in a few weeks? Judging by the small war that has been raged over this issue, apparently not. Anyway another 1,000 to bank and more still coming. Lancer1289 21:42, March 27, 2011 (UTC)

19,000 Edits: Well Arrival arrived, and I have to say that I was impressed. A great last story DLC pack for ME2 and well worth the time and effort that went into it. I have to say the last few weeks have been interesting, more warring over the "is Jack Harper the Illusive Man" issue. I'm, again willing to bet that he is, but I guess we'll just have to wait another six days for confirmation on it. Since I'm making this edit in the middle of an update for the weapon pages, this will fall right in the middle at 19,000. The last two weeks saw a massive spree of vandalism by, more than likely one person, who has some issues that they couldn't work out for whatever reason. Everything from blanking pages and replacing the content with images, to impersonating my user name using Cyrillic characters, modification ofi it, then spoofing my edit summaries. I will never know what was their problem, and I'm not entirely convinced I want to know. Well at least they are gone, hopefully. Anyway on a brighter note, I finally updated the wireless in my house, and I can FINALLY play on Xbox Live again. So games I intend to play: Halo: Reach, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 Beta, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and probably a few others. So another 1,000 to add to the score, and hopefully by the end of May, I'll have 20,000. Lancer1289 19:50, April 14, 2011 (UTC)

20,000 Edits: Well I look back on the last month, and there are things on both sides of the spectrum, both good and bad. Yet I find myself adding yet another 1,000, ok 1,051, to my totals. Well now we all just have to sit and bunker down while we get more and more information about Mass Effect 3. However I also find myself in the middle of finals week, which is going to be great! If you didn't get the joke, well it was one. Well I guess yet another month, but there are a few things I'd like to say, but I won't. So this is short and sweet. Lancer1289 03:19, May 10, 2011 (UTC)

Port observation 01

21,000 Edits: Finally, summer vacation, and yet I still have classes, sigh. Well it's been a busy month, all with E3, and more ME3 information, even more things to boot, and I have my ME3 Collector's Edition on preorder at my local GameStop. I finally have a narrowed list of about 10 games that I want to buy, and now I am enjoying my summer as much as I can even with classes. Oh well, I guess everything can't be perfect but at least the class is interesting so far. We also finally have a confirmed ME3 release date, and that date gives me a lot of time to play other games that I've been wanted to get, which I mentioned above. So another month, another 1,000 edits, and again I find myself not having updated my battle, I really need to do that. So I'll see you all in what will more than likely be another month for another installment. Lancer1289 01:03, June 11, 2011 (UTC)

22,000 Edits: I probably missed this yesterday, but yet another 1000 to add to my totals, well 1080 at this point. 1080, funny actually. Just about two months have passed, and I finally got around to updating my battle. I'm going to try and update it every other week, but I seem to have a bad memory on that front. We've learned some more information about ME3, and I've finally got the game list I want to buy down to a more manageable level. The last two months have been good, summer and no school, but with school fast approaching, I really have mixed feelings about going back. There are some things I want to go back for, and others not, but I guess just about everyone has those feelings. School always has good and bad parts. Anyway, back to work and wit the hope that we can learn a lot more about ME3 soon, and for me, more details about other games that I have been waiting for. Lancer1289 20:21, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

Citadel-Docking Bay-Outside view

23,000 Edits: Ok it's 23,108 at this point, but I've had other things that I've been focusing on. I've been playing a lot of Gears 3, and finally getting around to getting my desktop computer back up to speed. See here for more on that. I really wish that the delivery would be tomorrow, but it will probably end up being sometime on Monday or Tuesday. The sad thing is I need my laptop back by Wednesday or there’s going to be problems. There’s been some things that Wikia is doing that really have me worried and questioning if the staff knows what they are supposed to be doing. I do hope that they listen this time. The wiki has been relatively quiet recently, although there’s been a flurry of edits today and yesterday, considering that there were days where I thought we’d have three days of changes on the RC. It’s hectic days that make you really appreciate them as you almost wish for them when you are struggling to keep up with changes that seem to happen at the speed of light. Anyway only 892 until my next post in this area, and hopefully that might take some time because I’m not going to argue with a few more quiet days. Lancer1289 01:14, October 8, 2011 (UTC)

2012 Edit

MassEffect 2008-08-13 11-33-41-65

24,000 + 25,000 Edits: It's been quite a few months hasn't it? A lot has happened since I last posted here, and with Mass Effect 3 rapidly approaching, I suspect I'll be back here before long. We've had to adapt to BioWare throwing a lot our way. We've had the Pre-order bonus disaster and some commentary on it, we now have statues with exclusive DLC, we have an art book with DLC, and now we have to deal with the fact that Galaxy at War affects all of yoru saved games, whether you want it to or not. Talk about a lot of information.

We've also had other things going on outside of Mass Effect. We've had questionable decisions by the Wikia Staff, we have things put into Wikia Labs that just need to die, and we've had a mass internet protest against two controversial bills in the US Congress. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. A lot has happened since October, and more will happen before March 6 when I can finally get my hands on my Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition and the CE Guide. What? I like the guides for a number of reasons.

So another edit, and I'll probably be back here before too long. Oh and please stop by my Favorite Games Blog. Please?!. Lancer1289 19:11, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

26,000 Edits: With the demo, people still adding leaked information, and the release of several things, it's been a very busy few weeks. Mass Effect 3 is now just a little more than 2 weeks away from release and it can't come fast enough. The wait, especially with the demo, is becoming annoying to say the least. There are many things in recent weeks happening that I don't like happening, yet there will probably be little I can do about it. The only thing I can do is hopefully do something about it, although there will be cone thing I just won't be able to live with if it does go through.

Recently, I have been trying to figure out how some people operate and I continually fail. Whether it be from arrogance, ignorance, or just plan rudeness, I cannot understand why people act the way they do. I wish I could understand why people act the way they do, whether it be trying to sneak things under the radar, or just go the flashy style, it does nothing to actually help the situation. It will always puzzle me why some people choose to act the way they do, but trying to understand it will only result in headaches.

Anyway, if I keep going, I'll be here for a while, so I'll end it here. Lancer1289 13:52, February 20, 2012 (UTC)


27,000, 28,000, 29,000, 30,000 Edits: What a few months it has been. Just a little more than two months and more than 4,000 edits later. I never dreamed that I'd get that many so quickly, but when a new game releases, that brings in a lot of new editors, which seems to have finally calmed down. I feel that the lockdown we put in place was for the best as it really helped cut down on just about everything, except I've noticed quality content. I've noticed that people generally edit better, with better grammar, spelling, and quality when they have to register. I am beyond any sort of a doubt that if we hadn't put it in, then everything here would need massive cleanup.

In just two months, we've seen a lot of things happening, and not just with Mass Effect. A lot has gone on with the world, and I for one am dreading the upcoming election season. The primaries in the US were bad enough, but the main election is just going to be so bad that I will probably stop watching TV. Did I really just say that? There have also been a lot of things happening around the world, and while I'm not privy to all of them, just looking around, you can see it has been quite a few months. So, here's hoping that everything can calm down for a while. I know that the month between the end of my spring classes, and the start of my summer classes, will be a welcome. I can actually sleep.

Since the release of Mass Effect 3, there has been almost non-stop everything. The ending, this, that, people who don't want this, who don't want that, trying to follow it will make someone's head spin. Frankly, I was furious at the endings, but since I'm hoping to work at BioWare one day, I took some time to examine them. I found that they are quite distinct from many different endings, yet still provide some kind of ending. However, what really got me off after about 5 days is everyone calling for a new ending. Many people just don't realize how disastrous this would be. To make a new ending would set a huge, disastrous precedent for the entire industry, not just BioWare. What they are doing is really the only thing that can be done. I however am quite hesitant about it. I hope this will not be disastrous for the industry, and in all honestly, some fans just really need to shut up, grow up, and get a life.

One thing I have found since ME3 is how many games I actually own. Anyone who is a friend with me on Xbox Live can see how many I have, but I've found that my PC game supply is quite large, and the PC offers one genre that I think is just a continual disaster on console, with the exception of one game, Real Time Strategy. Command & Conquer, StarCraft, Star Ware: Empire at War, Sins of a Solar Empire. Only Halo Wars was done somewhat well on console. If Ensemble Studios had released it for PC, I'm sure they would have hit it off. Anyway, one game that I found attachment to is Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Basically, build your own Jurassic Park. For 2003, the graphics are great. I've also been on my original Xbox and even my GameCube recently, and I've rediscovered KotOR, and SWToR, the recent MMO. So many things going on at once. I really hope that I can get back to some of my other 360 games as well. I got into Metro 2033 recently, and will probably jump back to AC: Revelations as I have yet to finish it. DON'T TELL ME HOW IT ENDS OR I WILL FIND YOU...

Geth Cruiser

So I've really gone on haven't I. Well it is my user page anyway, so deal with it. I hope you have a great day, and enjoy it, and don't forget to do something apart from ME. It's good for your health. There is just one more thing I want to say.

To end this, I really want to say something that I've tried to work on for 30 minutes now, so give me at least some credit. Please? I really want to say thanks to all the users who have helped in one way or another, from fixing a spelling mistake, to writing full parts of guides, to adding pictures, to organizing, to just simple cleanup. Everything helped, whether you know it or not. Even if it got undone, odds are, something else was noticed. As they say, every little bit helps. Thanks again to everyone. Lancer1289 05:36, April 23, 2012 (UTC)

31,000 + 32,000 Edits: Well, its been a busy couple of months here and not all of it was good. We've been dealing with a number of things recently that have made me lose faith in the intelligence of the average human. There are also a few things that have me concerned. However, the wiki appears to be running smoothly and we already have our first single player DLC Mass Effect 3: Leviathan. I'm looking forward to downloading the Mass Effect 3: Firefight Pack when I get home. Hopefully Leviathan will live up to our expectations. BioWare hasn't done a good job lately.

I am pleased to report that I'm finally done with my music degree at my college. That was hectic and there were more than a few people that I truly never want to see again. One of them really killed my passion for playing my instrument. Yes it is a serious matter, but at the same time, you still need to have fun and any time that I tried to just have a some fun, he would give me a hard time over it. My main teacher took some getting used to, but in the end, anyone who studies under him will benefit. There are a number of other teachers that I have mixed feelings about, but they were still good. I just don't want to see that one again.

My upcoming semester will be much more lax considering that I only have class really two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't even have to go to school on Friday, I only have one class on Monday Night, and on Wednesday, my game club. Granted I'm there all day on Tuesday and Thursday, but it's worth it.

Finally, I wish to close with ME3 multiplayer. My recent blog of people in multiplayer and their intelligence levels is really what I've been experiencing lately. Not to mention BioWare needs to be more explicit about directions for its weekend events after the disaster that they caused with Broadside. I just hope that people in multiplayer will eventually get more intelligent, but I'm not hopeful.

Well, here's to another 2,000 edits. Lancer1289 (talk) 21:02, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

33,000 Edits: Well it seems that it has been a while since I left a note here, but it seems that time has gone a little more slowly lately. I find it ironic that I crossed the 33,000 mark sometime yesterday, just before the launch of Operation Concentrated Effort. I welcome all users to participate and help out with this Wiki wide project. It will make not only the wiki, but everything as a whole.

It seems that my life recently still needs some work, as there has just been a lot of stress from school and especially with my club. I have a Gears of War 3 tournament coming up in less than 3 weeks now so hopefully that will be some fun. But there has just been two much going on lately. I so wish I could pause time for a week, or forget about all of my responsibilities with school for a week.

As for playing, I've been getting back into older games, and am looking forward to ACIII and Halo 4. I also still think that people in Multiplayer still don't have brains. Operation Overdrive this weekend will be interesting to say the least because people will actually need brains.

Anyway, I'm tired and not thinking straight right now, so I'm going to end it there and take a nap. Lancer1289 (talk) 21:09, October 5, 2012 (UTC)

Featured Battle Edit

Because I absolutly love military history, every week I will display a battle here with a few details and a link to the Wikipedia article. I will not add links for every possible thing however, too much typing on my part. Enjoy.


Current Projects Edit

ME2 Assignments Edit

ME Assignments Edit

Rewriting several assignments to make them look like walkthoughs, not main articles.

Stubs Edit

Normandy and Rayya

I am also going to attempt to eliminate the stub articles around this wiki.

Codex Image Cleanup and Add Edit

  • Project 1: Cleaning up the Codex of all non-Codex images, and adding ones where appropiate, when I get back on my PC.
  • Project 2: Double Checking all Codex entries for differences from ME to ME2, we found some earlier so a double check couldn't hurt.
  • Project 3: Fixing any links to Wikipedia.

Invasion Edit

Keeping up with the new information from Mass Effect: Invasion and adding that informaiton to articles. Since I can no longer pick up the comic on Wednesdays, due to school activities, I will be adding/expanding/rewriting the story on Thurdays.

Articles in series:

Current Sandbox Projects Edit

My Sandboxes Edit

MassEffect 2 Cockpit SR-2

Because some of the things I tend to work on will alter how articles appear, their content, or any number of other things about them, I am using my sandboxes to write them first. I usually have at least one or two projects ongoing at any time. When I can get around to them however, is another matter entirely. The projects I tend to work on generally range from article overhauls to new templates for various things. You can also find a full list of past projects there as well. They are there mostly for personal reference as I doubt they will be needed again. Still, doesn't hurt to keep them around just in case.

Favorite Pages Edit


Not in any order

One Very Long Very Bad Day Edit

Ever had one of those days that nothign has gone right, well that just happened ot me and events here in the past 2 hours or so have not made it better, it just made things go from worse to abysmal. This just hasn't been my day. Post is to indicate which day I have just wrapped up and to remind myself that I am better than that and to remind myself of that statement. 03:06, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

March 20, 2010 was not a good day for me. Lancer1289

Walkthough Projects Edit

Writing Samara's Recruitment mission on Illium

Improving where I can on the Dossier and Loyality Missions

Rectuitment Missions Edit

Loyalty Missions Edit

Walkthrough missions Edit

Firewalker Pack Edit

Writing the information for the missions associated Firewalker Pack when I get the opportunity. Looking forward to seeing the Hammerhead in action.

Overlord DLC Pack Edit

I'll be playing through these as fast as I can, and replaying them later tonight to double check details. I will update this list as I go.

ME Assignments Edit

ME2 Assignments Edit

Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC Pack Edit

Arrival DLC pack Edit

Other Projects Edit

Planet Cleanup and Prereq AddsEdit

After looking over the planet articles, some have prereq tags and others don't. Even if they are in the same system. So I'll be fixing that and adding some to the ME2 clusters, systems, and planets. This is going to take a while.

Checking planets, systems, and clusters for unnnecessary stub tags All must have

  • Picture
  • Accurate information
  • Codex Entry (Planets)
  • Minerals (Planets)

This will be an ongoing process for a while, I have to go though each cluster in order to not screw myself up.
Current Location: Caleston Rift

I will also be looking out for any other articles that are missing the Prereq tag and add them.

Enemy Page Creation Edit

Creating Pages for enemies Mainly for Mass Effect

Planet Completion Project Edit

Now all we need is pictures, or updated pictures, and resource deposts for planets.

I'll also start scanning planets without resources first to finally get the job done.

The link below is currently where I am keeping an archive of all systems, clusters, and planets that either need screenshots or resources. Anyone who wants to help please take the time to look at the page and then please contribute either by scanning a planet and reporting accurate deposits, or take a screenshot of the planet, upload it to the site and post it on the appropiate article. As images and resource counters come in, I will be removing names under the appropiate section. Again anyone willing to help please just take a minute to pursue the page and contribute as you like. A link will indicate where either resources or an image is needed.

Because I now have ME2 for PC, I try to upload images as fast as I can, once I get some time.

The Planet Completion Project: Planet Completion Project

Sandbox Projects Edit

A list of past sandbox projects

  • Complete overhaul of Class Guides for the two respective games accoring to a new style guide page that I created and was approved.

Mass Effect Walkthroughs Edit

() - other details
[] - names of articles
{} - using redirect or new article

New Articles - 1
Mod Redirects - 11
Total Articles - 12

Completion date: April 20, 2010
Post Date: May 2, 2010

I have just finished posting all 12 of the walkthough articles. Enjoy reading them now to call attention to my other project.

Mass Effect Guide

I have rewritten the guide to remove a lot of details but mostly I kept what was there and just cut some of it out now that we have walkthoughs. I invite you all so view it and discuss it here. Thanks in advance.

Completion Date: May 2, 2010
Post Date: May 31, 2010

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