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Kiera Shepard, my best Mass Effect character so far


Leatham Shepard, my Male persona. A Soldier Paragade.

About MeEdit

I am a male from the United Kingdom. I will therefore use United Kingdom English spelling when I write.

Leatham Grant is not my real name (my real name is Mark) but one assumed after my Mass Effect fan fiction main character.

Me and Mass EffectEdit


I have played the PC version of Mass Effect through 2 times, and also the Bring Down the Sky downloadable content once. I have also played through Mass Effect 2 once as my Female Paragon.

My favourite play-through so far was my last, as a Female Paragon Vanguard called 'Kiera Shepard'. I prefer playing as female characters in Bioware games, because they are always more interesting! :)

I have now started over with my male character, Leatham Shepard, and got the face right this time (I know, it looks kinda weird, but I like it). Got right through the Citadel this time around. Enjoying it now.

UPDATE: I have just picked up playing the Leatham character again. Gonna do a different set of romance/attitude setups for a new play-through of Mass Effect 2.


I have read Mass Effect: Revelation once and am currently reading Mass Effect: Ascension. I made start on the third book but haven't had time to get my teeth into it.

Some Useless FactsEdit

Favourite Asari: Liara, her young, slightly innocent, but intelligent and determined persona really grabbed me from square one. A lot of people think she's a bit of a Mary-Sue, but I like her, some of the awkward comments she comes out with crack me up. In the second game she's somewhat austere until you get tot the Shadow Broker DLC. I love her all the more now ^_^ I kinda like Samara too, most people I know didn't really dig her character.

Favourite Human(s): For out and out mega-hero status, Capt. Anderson. For her determination, bloody mindedness and hatred of BS politics, definitely Ashley Williams.

Favourite Turian: Garrus really worked out well in ME:2.

Favourite Salarian: Mordin Best. Scientist. Ever.

Favourite Non-Council Race: Volus

Favourite Planet: Probably now Omega Station (I know it's not a planet but meh) because it's where it's at, ya know.

Favourite Normandy Crewman: Joker

Bioware GamesEdit

I have previously played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and enjoyed them both immensely. I played them both as female 'light side' characters. I tried playing the original KotOR as a 'dark side' character, but gave up after only 10 mins with guilt! I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to insulting people, far too polite I guess!

I've also played right through Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Awakenings and Dragon Age 2. That was a different experience, I don't usually do fantasy-based lore but it was a particularly good piece of work and a friend of mine basically badgered me into playing it because I like Bioware adventures. Definitely worth it if you haven't tried it.

Why am I here?Edit

I want to contribute to the Mass Effect Wikia community and help add to and update this Wiki, of course! I also hope I'll meet a few good folks along the way who share my love of Mass Effect and it's universe.

Current TasksEdit

  • Looking around - so much more here than there was last time I was editing here!
  • I'm currently meandering through the character sections seeing if I can add or improve any of the pictures.
  • I'm always on the lookout for stuff that needs a screenshot so I can grab one in-game next time I'm playing.
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