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About me

Formerly known as: Ale89515, username changed June 12, 2021

I'm a relative latecomer to Mass Effect, having first started playing the Trilogy on PC at the tail end of 2018, however, I quickly became obsessed. I got into doing Iron Man (no deaths runs) of all three games on Insanity with every class, for additional challenge but mostly for immersion. I tend to stick to editing gameplay-related articles from the OT (haven't played Andromeda) because I enjoy being able to share the things I've learned from my extensive play experience. I have also played a little of ME3's multiplayer and enjoyed it, but it was a little too much of a grindfest and the ping was also pretty high, though recently I've tried getting back into it a little.

My contributions

I've done a lot of cleanup on weapons and powers pages filling in gaps in mechanics and cleaning up notes sections that were a bit out of hand. If you ever had a real burning itch to understand exactly how the Defense Drone (power) works, I'm the guy who did all the notes/testing for that, so send me the royalties if you ever actually use that (lol). Also did a lot of work on mission walkthroughs, especially for ME2. My biggest single contribution there was an extensive revamp of Dossier: Archangel. My biggest single contribution overall was the creation/overhaul of the Squad Members Guide pages for all three OT games. More recently I have completed major overhauls of gameplay related guides and pages updating them for Legendary Edition, filling in missing mechanics, and increasing cross-linking between pages to improve navigation.

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