aka Pandu POLUAN

  • I live in Indonesia
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is IT SysAdmin
  • I am Male

About meEdit

Illusive Man MassEffect Redemption
I am a male born in 1977. I live in Indonesia. I purchased my copies of ME1 and ME2 via Steam. Amazingly enough, I've been writing fanfics of Mass Effect (see below) even before I bought the game.

I greatly enjoy compendiums of knowledge like this wikia. But I can't contribute much new knowledge. Except maybe some grammar edits here and there, or putting in my 1 cent worth of opinion on talk pages. Please don't be harsh on me :(

Now, sometimes I keep coming back to a page and do 3 or 4 back-to-back edits. Most likely I was editing what I added to that page, and struggling mightily to put in the right punctuations/tags/symbols/whathaveyous on that page; I have become *really* rusty at Wikipedia tagging. Ironically, I *was* one of the admins of the HydrogenAudio Knowledgebase site. I guess all the years since I last administered that side took their toll :-/

Annnddd... here are some ramblings:

pepoluan's Thoughts
on all things Mass Effect


Yay! It seems all profile pages must include a section called Favorites. Well, I have a *lot* of favorites, collected into nice, wiki-formatted pages. Click on the following to see them:

The lists include: favorite MEwiki articles, favorite quotes, favorite fanfics, favorite YouTube movies, etc.


Yeah, I am a fanfiction writer at My writer's handle there is pepoluan. Here's a list of my Mass Effect-related stories, in a (roughly) chronological order of happening:

  • Last Rites (In Progress)
    A series of vignettes about the remaining (un-abducted) crew's thoughts and acts during the moments before the Suicide Mission. Each chapter focuses on a certain character. The later chapters also delve into the thoughts of characters *not on-board the Normandy SR-2.

My contributionsEdit

If you want to see what I've contributed to MEwiki, feel free to click the following link:

For maximal gameplay enjoyment, I gather the tricks below. Includes metastory, to maximize lore:

In addition, I also have a collection of tips that will hopefully enhance your enjoyment of Mass Effect. You can find them here:

Finally, I've started a "metalog", which logs the things I've done on the game proper:

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