RS Kossery

aka Rohit

  • I live in Gaborone, Botswana
  • My occupation is Fund Accountant
  • I am Male

About Me Edit

My name is Rohit, I am 23, and I am a chartered accountant. I live in London and study CFA (career shift - accounts is boring), but I am currently doing an internship project in Southern Africa.

I love the Mass Effect universe. I was never that much into video games, but this one just captured my imagination and thrust me into a world I wish would become a reality one day. I will be sad when this fine series ends, and I hope Bioware comes up with more games of such calibre.

My goal on this wiki is to mainly participate in discussions about the Mass Effect Universe. I had not planned on really making any edits here, since I suck at that kind of stuff, but surprisingly I am really enjoying making my share of minor contributions whenever and wherever I can.

My Shepards Edit

Mass Effect

I used a few Shepards in Mass Effect, mainly to get achievements, test the different gameplay styles and to explore the Paragon/Renegade routes. However there are 2 main Shepards that I decided to import to Mass Effect 2:

Raj Shepard (Male, Colonist, War Hero): This one is based quite a lot on myself. Gave him an Indian name (because I am Indian) and look and made choices like I would have had I been in the situation as accurately as the game allowed (To be honest, I personally would just run away if I see a Geth Colossus).

  • Class - Adept: Its simply too awesome to be able to manipulate and destroy things with the mind. This is the class that really feels most powerful in a role playing sense.
  • Morality - Full Paragon, minor Renegade: Basically a good guy who doesn't hesitate to put his foot down or keep people in their place.
  • Romance - Ashley
  • Other choices: Council saved, Kaidan left behind on Virmire, Wrex survives Virmire, Rachni Queen Spared on Noveria, Anderson chosen for council.

Jane Shepard (Female, Earthborn, Ruthless): I wanted this one to be the complete opposite of my male Shepard. So made her a tough "bad girl" tech expert.

  • Class - Engineer: Wanted to explore the tech options. Besides, I love girls who know their tech.
  • Morality - Full Renegade, minor Paragon: Basically a "get the job done at any cost" person. Tough on everyone, but kind enough to the crew.
  • Romance - Liara: Girl on girl is better than watching girl on Kaidan
  • Other choices: Council dies, Ashley left behind on Virmire, Wrex survives Virmire, Rachni Queen liquefied on Noveria, Udina chosen for council.

Mass Effect 2

Raj Shepard (Male, Colonist, War Hero): Same guy from ME. Kept him the same

  • Class - Adept: Nerfed from ME, but still my favourite class for their ability to manipulate things with their mind. Can't really imagine the other classes being more powerful than a guy who can create a micro-blackhole with his mind.
  • Morality - Full Paragon, minor Renegade
  • Romance - Tali: Sorry Ash, Tali was always sweeter.
  • Other choices: Collector Base preserved, whole squad survives suicide mission, Krogan Genophage data saved to help Krogan, Kasumi's Graybox destroyed, geth heretics rewritten, Vido Santiago escapes, hands David to alliance (Project Overlord) .

Jane Shepard (Female, Earthborn, Ruthless): Same girl from ME. Kept her the same.

  • Class - Engineer: Mainly for role playing purposes, and to explore tech. Didnt really want to change her class.
  • Morality - Full Renegade, minor Paragon
  • Romance - Garrus: Let the bro get some action. He looks like he needs to loosen up a bit
  • Other choices: Collector Base preserved, whole squad survives suicide mission, Krogan Genophage data kept "just in case", Kasumi's Graybox destroyed, geth heretics destroyed, Vido Santiago killed, hands David to Cerberus (project overlord)

I plan to crate two more shepards with my imported characters to explore options that i havent so far, and to make some diffrent choices, like destroying the collector base and keeping Kasumi's Graybox, as well as staying loyal to the romance options from ME.

Favourite Characters Edit

Garrus Vakarian: Just love his character and the way he develops. I would love to have a friend or even a brother like this.

Tali: A lot like my girlfriend. Sweet, and innocent and snug in all the right places. And as a bonus, she knows how to hack computers. Enough said.

Ashley: I just love her "I am who I am, like it or not" attitude and her caring side, one you break through that outer shell.

Liara: I just love how hilarious she is without meaning to be, and how dedicated she is to Shepard, going as far as to secure his/her body.

Wrex: This guy is just totally bad@$$.

Mordin: The best comic relief in ay video game I have played to date.

Matriarch Aethyta: An asari matraich bartender who headbutts krogan, wants to beat customers with their own spine and casually tells you that you cant have sex with her because she just cleaned the awesome is that?

My contributionsEdit

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