Innocence is dead, it died with pokemon. John R. Music - 2010

I enjoy the company of people with different opinions, because without our differences we wouldnt be the same. Ramsey S. Music -2010

Seriousness is a poison, you may be serious, but never act as such, to do so would turn the mind to stone. Salvador E. Music

The path beetween where you are now and where you want to be is blocked by a single obstacle, and that is yourself. John R. Music -2010

John, will you changes ramsey's diaper Abigail E. Music -1994

Things to remember Edit

1. i must never write anything on this wiki within 2 hours before i go to bed, or within one hour from the time i am awake, I WILL end uu sayingsomething that i think is funny to my slee deprived mind, but to everyone else i will sound like a raving lunatic, note i shouldnt be writing this now actually.

2. When my doctor says i am allergic to something he means it, it doesnt matter if the man seemingly enjoys suffering, and is most likely a vampire and/or voodoo priest, he stilll means it when he says you cannot eat pomegranate

3. Magnets are not food, i cannot stress this point enough

4. The capture rate of ultra balls in pokemon seems to be exggerated

5. if it talks like a bird, looks like a bird, and acts like a bird, it doenst mean it is a raptor it can still be a tweaty bird, however it should be noted that the line beetween tweety bird and raptor can be difficult to determine at times


6. When you are feeling down in the dumps, dont play sad music it perpetuate those emotions, try listenining ot the who instead

7. If you are feeling really sad, having one of these on your desk can be incredibly helpful

8. This guy is equally as unhelpful as pikachu is helpful


9. keep several metal spoons in your car, wooden spoons suck.

10. do not allow deep seeded and personal psychological problems allow you to say anything that could be potentially offensive

11. HEY DUDE, i know that my dumb #$@ scrolls down here every day to look at pictures of those pikachus and that t rex, stop and read this. You are an idiot and have butter for a brain, please think things through when you are talking to other people on the internet, they may not fully understand the point you are trying to get across, SO MAKE THAT POINT CLEAR, before a big arguement starts. Now go eat some lemon heads you fat 6235hole and contribute to your potential heartproblems, and the near diabetic state your body is in. AND SHAVE THAT NECKBEARD EVERY DAY, every time you dont shave for a day you turn into a grizzly bear.

(if anyone is bored, would you please findd a way to make those links appear as images on this page, note this is note an open invitation to edit my page, show me on the talk page)

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