aka Shachar Haad

  • I live in Israel
  • I was born on May 30
  • My occupation is Web Developer
  • I am Male

Userpage Archive


Current ProposalsEdit

  • Policy proposal to expand the wiki guideline and include restrictions on the user blog namespace: Forum:Blogs moderation
    Proposal rejected. Commdor tried to re-propose the topic, but due to cooling period, the topic was closed.
  • Project proposal: Major formatting changes to the Weapon Mods article: Forum:Overhaul Weapon Mods page (proposed changes in sandbox)
    Will try leaving a message to some editor to get some feedback on this.
  • Policy proposal to handle current and future images on the wiki - because we just have way too many of them (note: creating a project forum post for active discussions - similar to the old screenshots page).
    Proposal rejected. Will try to redefine the proposal after some improvement and changes to the original proposal.
  • Policy proposal: Organizing and clarifying the use of templates: Forum:Templates
    Proposal passed. will add this to the "to-do" list.

Planned ProposalsEdit

  • Project proposal: Major changes to the PC Tweaks, PC Tweaks (Mass Effect 2), PC Tweaks (Mass Effect 3), and PC Cheats (to be merged with PC Tweaks) (merge finished) articles to standardize layout, enhance usability, and remove redundancies
    • After PC Cheats and PC Tweaks merge, all three PC Tweaks articles should conform to some sort of standard. Working on a proposal.
  • Activation of the Semantic_wiki Wikia extension to enhance finding articles, categories and files through searching and describe the content more easily. This could take care of the issue with unusable images.
  • Adding an bunch of redirects that lead to the various MoS pages to enhance their usability.
  • Propose an update of the Projects Forum to also serve as a brainstorming center for updates to the wiki and specific article (which was the intended behavior).
  • Open a discussion on the Project Forum about categorization of images and other, non-article contents.


  • Creation of a template to deal with red-links that originate from the User and User blog namespace.
  • Updating the various spoiler tags to include a no-cat argument to remove the auto categorization from specific pages that don't need it.

Ongoing ContributionsEdit

  • Remove the screenshot category from all files and pages and remind the admins about deletion of category
  • Trying to deal with red-links across the wiki. Perhaps proposing a policy to limit the use of files and categories in User, User talk, User blog, and user blog comment namespaces.
  • Trying to understand the wiki policy regarding categorization. Some of the images need some cleanup and creation of some sort of guideline.
    Another idea is to use the SemanticWiki extension readily available on Wikia.
  • Creating the Category:Support Templates category and update all relevant articles (See: Forum:Templates)


  • Creating Doc templates for documenting templates. after completion, run it by the admins. Although the proposal passed, another input before implementation is required (See: Forum:Templates).
  • Renaming of templates to the approved naming convention (See: Forum:Templates).
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