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“Any bloody fool can pull a trigger...”
(Mr. Braithwaite, in Enter The Dragon)

About MeEdit

Hi! As the name suggests, I love Tali. But please don't take it too seriously, I aim to be a level-headed and unbiased editor; the name is simply my way of expressing myself. I love everything about the Mass Effect games; the first two anyway. Complaints about the 3rd game can be found later...

I can credit a friend of mine for introducing me to Mass Effect, he's a big fan too and thanks to him, I have become quite obsessed with the whole Mass Effect Universe.

I would recommend the following Mass Effect fanfiction from to anyone interested: "An Unfortunate Mix Up"(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) by "Insane Guy of DOOM", anything by "InHarmsWay", "Loss" by "Stickki" and anything by "ElectricZ". And also my best friend's own Metroid crossover fanfic: "Primed To Defend The Universe".

I am a half Chinese student, mainly interested in Biology and Geography, and I'm very proud to have Asian roots. I have interests in martial arts, martial arts movies, writing, History, Mandopop, Cantopop, K-Pop and believe it or not, Classical Music.

I shall do whatever I can to improve this Wiki, but will be happy to discuss anything that may not be agreed with.

Keelah se'lai!

Quote CornerEdit

The Mass Effect games have so many great lines, that I cannot help but feel the need to note down some of my favourites from numerous characters. Feel free to post on my talk page any quotes you think should be included. Do note that there isn't much point in noting down dialogue included on character/unique dialogue pages, although I will make some exceptions. These quotes are listed from memory, so they may not be correct word for word. Most should be instantly recognisable, but tell me if I've made any definite mistakes.

Disclaimer: The following quoted Mass Effect lines are the work of Bioware. No copyright infringement intended.

Note: I was originally gonna do quotes from most of the main characters, and across all their appearances, but I'm too busy these days and really can't be bothered now. :P


Mass Effect

  • "Saren's hiding something! I need more time! Stall them!"
  • "Good timing, Shepard. Gave me a clear shot at that bastard!"
  • "Sometimes you get lucky."
  • "Saren is a traitor to the Council and a disgrace to my people!!"
  • "Saren is either a traitor or a madman. Taking him down will restore the good name of turians everywhere."
  • "Say goodnight!"
  • "Right behind you, Shepard."
  • "Turians don't like the cold, Shepard...did I ever mention that?"
  • "There's no escape this time, doctor. I'd harvest your organs first...but we don't have the time."
  • "Yeah...I don't think I've ever met anyone like you, Commander."
  • "This place reminds me of where I grew up on Palaven...minus the geth, of course."

Mass Effect 2

  • "I got fed up with all the bureaucratic crap on the Citadel! Figured I could do more good on my own."
  • "You? can do what you do best. Just like old times, Shepard."
  • "You realise this plan has me walking into hell, too. Hmm...just like old times."
  • "Exploring an abandoned area, expecting something mechanical and nasty to jump out at any moment...just like old times."
  • "Definitely like old times!"

(If Garrus says "old times" at some other point, feel free to inform me)

  • "Can it wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibrations." (I couldn't resist)
  • "You're kicking ass, Shepard! They barely touched me!"
  • "A perfect headshot...with no collateral damage...very impressive."
  • "Impressive. You certainly know how to make an entrance."
  • "Dammit, Kaidan! You're so focused on Cerberus you're ignoring the real threat!"
  • "Scoped and dropped!"
  • "One less to worry about!"
  • "Scratch one!"
  • "Never saw me comin'!"
  • "I love this rifle!"
  • "Impressive!"
  • "Nice shooting!"
  • "Headshot!"
  • "Sure you could!...Not as stylishly, of course."
  • "Gardens, electronics shops, antique stores, but only if they're classy."
  • "Walking around in this place makes me sick! People still dying; the strong still exploiting the weak; nothing I did here even made a dent in this."
  • "Being security here is a terrible job! This is exactly why I left."
  • "You ever miss those talks we used to have on the elevators?" (I do. Your squadmates need to interact with each other more. Hopefully, they will in ME3.)
  • "And here I thought I'd had my betrayal and attempted murder for the year."
  • "Honestly? The Collectors killed you once and all it did is piss you off. I doubt they'll stop you this time."
  • "You humans have a saying: "an eye for an eye, a life for a life". He owes me ten lives...and I plan to collect."
  • "Run all you want, Harkin! We'll find you!!!"
  • "Harkin's in here somewhere. I can smell him."
  • "No, but Sidonis...opened my eyes." (That line really creeps me out, but it's still awesome)
  • "You know what else is bad for business? A BROKEN NECK!"
  • "I'll pull the trigger and I'll live with the consequences."
  • "Who's going to bring Sidonis to justice if I don't? No one else knows about him. No one else cares."
  • "Why should he go on living while ten good men lie in unmarked graves?"
  • "Talk all you want, but it won't change my mind. I don't care what his reasons were; he screwed us, he deserves to die!"
  • "He hasn't paid enough! He still has his life!" (That one was a little over the top, but that's why it's here!)
  • "When it comes down to it, Shepard, I don't think I'm a very good turian."
  • "It's so much easier to see the world in black and white. Grey...I don't know what to do with grey."
  • "Thanks, Shepard. For everything."

Note: Garrus has so many awesome quotes. I think him and Zaeed compete for the best dialogue in the game.


  • "Shepard."
  • "I get it...I hate turians! I thought you'd be glad."
  • "I don't hate Garrus, I hate the turians. Garrus is just one turian and he's your clan. No point ripping his face off unless he turns on me."
  • "There's no joke! It's just great!"
  • "I don't care where I fight, as long as I get to hurt something."
  • "Show respect! If it wasn't for Shepard you'd all be on that ship!"
  • "I just wanna kill something. With my hands. Moreso than usual!"
  • "Thank you, Shepard. I don't like this. Fury is my choice...not a sickness."
  • "Asari are stupid! Your code just means you kill her tomorrow instead of today!"
  • "Jack is small."
  • "Just shoot her and patch her up on the ship!"
  • "You spit on my father's name! On Shepard's name! But now you stop ranting because I am strong?"
  • "Uvenk is meat! Let's head back to the camp and leave him to rot!"
  • "And Uvenk! I wanted to disembowel him! To tear out his spine like a trophy!"
  • "Shepard is my Battlemaster! He has no match."
  • "Weak!"
  • "Worthless!"
  • "Should have run! Now you'll fry!"
  • "Yeah! Right on your ass!!"
  • "Nothing can hurt me!"
  • "Hold your fire Shepard!" (I just find it hilarious when Grunt says that, for some reason)
  • "Stop firing at me, idiot!!"
  • "Whatever. "Pretend" to keep breathing!"
  • "Useless!"
  • "That the ship the crazy asari wanted to find?"
  • "We should get behind...stuff."
  • "Small, like my tank. Bet they begged for mercy."
  • "We'll push our enemies to the edge of Space! Then step on their fingers one at a time until the Void takes them!"
  • "There's this one imprint: a salarian with the...what are they? The things on his head pulled apart."
  • "See! Now we're having fun! Me remembering good deaths and you with your...your funny human thing you're doing."
  • "I'd never stab you in the back, Shepard! Warriors like you and me? Straight to the face!"
  • "You're why I'm a soldier, not dead or crazed like an animal. You gave me purpose, Shepard. Thank you. Now let's find something BIG to kill!"
  • "We fought a great battle, Shepard! And when you blew up the base instead of handing it to Cerberus...Hah!!"
  • "Ugh, humans talk too much. Like the tank. Come back later."
  • "Nothing more I can think of. I'm no tech. Enjoy what you've got."


Note: Harbinger's quotes are all in italics and none have exclamation marks because...well, it's a Reaper.

  • "I am assuming direct control." (It had to be on here somewhere. Why not get it over with first?)
  • "We are the Harbinger of their perfection. Prepare these humans for ascension."
  • "We fight as one."
  • "The forces of the universe bend to me."
  • "Kill one and one hundred will replace it."
  • "Face your annihilation."
  • "This delay is pointless."
  • "My attacks will tear you apart."
  • "Nothing stands against us."
  • "Stop, Shepard."
  • "Your attack is an insult."
  • "Our power is unmatched."
  • "Continue."
  • "Ignore the fallen."
  • "The dead are useless."
  • "They are vermin."
  • "Your worlds will be our laboratories."
  • "The experiments will continue, Shepard."
  • "I am limitless. You are bacteria."
  • "There is no pain. There is no fear."
  • "We are the beginning, you are the end."
  • "We do not die."
  • "Do not resist. Give yourself over and be spared."
  • "Your galaxy is in sight. Your final days are at hand."
  • "Shepard, you have become an annoyance." (That what you call it when someone has killed two Reapers and stopped three Reaper plots?)
  • "We will find another way."
  • "Know this as you die in vain: Your time will come. Your species will fall. Prepare yourselves for the arrival."


  • "What the hell do you want?!"
  • "He was already dead, he just didn't know it. Now, what the hell do you want?"
  • "So why the hell are we standing here?"
  • "Tell the Cerberus cheerleader to back off!"
  • "Hear that, precious?! We're gonna be friends! You, me and every embarrassing little secret!"
  • "I'm not looking for names. I'm looking for names, dates, places..."
  • "I figure every time someone dies and it's not me, my chances of survival go up."
  • "All I know is: a little girl crying in a cell...begging for the pain to stop..."
  • "I wanna go to the Teltin Facility, Pragia. I wanna go to the centre of the facility, my cell where they tortured and drugged me. I wanna deploy a big, fucking bomb! And I wanna watch that place burn!"
  • "Lots of money here! Soft people who'd make good victims!"
  • "Lots of dead people. Nothin' new there."
  • "Hello, dead people!"
  • "Fly, bitch!"
  • "I'll throw you like a toy!"
  • "I will destroy you!"
  • "I'll destroy you all!"
  • "I'll destroy that!" (Only heard that one once, so I wonder if it's even real. Sounds funny though.)
  • "Hey Shepard, nobody's ever asked me about this shit before. It's strange to talk fuck you...and thanks for asking."
  • "That's what the hanar call it when you crash that space station I mentioned into one of their moons and make a new crater. They really liked that moon!"
  • "That was mean. But damn funny."
  • "Hell if I know. Maybe that's how they got their kicks."
  • "Maybe the others did have it bad, but what you're saying is just messed!"
  • "I decide how to deal with my past, not you!"
  • "He's not worth chasing. None of it is."
  • "You know what? I like that; I piss and moan and you say "grow the fuck up!""
  • "Not so fast, cheerleader! No one wants to take orders from you."
  • "Yep."
  • "Whatever."
  • "Shepard, we talked enough. You're just pissin' around."
  • "I'm done talking, come back later."


  • "What the hell are you doing?!!"
  • "I'm no doctor, but it was baaaad. When I first saw you, you were nothin' but meat and tubes."
  • "Gravity's one mean mother, huh!"
  • "Wilson, find us another route out of here! Preferably one that doesn't lead straight into an enemy squad!"
  • "Come on, Miranda, enough with the quizzes. The memories are there, and I can vouch for Shepard's combat skills, personally!"
  • "We were supposed to be free from restrictions and rules...but there was still enough red tape to sink a Cruiser."
  • "I thought things would change after the attack on the Citadel. Humanity was finally invited to join the Council. But nothing changed: politics, bureaucracy, same bullshit, different leaders."
  • "Cerberus is different. When colonies go missing, we don't commission a team to write a report to figure out what the hell to do about it! We just go and find out."
  • "We didn't bring you back from the dead just to second guess you, Commander."
  • "The whole thing was hushed like their good at doing. But I know what I did. And I'm proud of it."
  • "Tough son of a bitch!"
  • "Commander, you seein' this shit?!"
  • "What's the saying? "Good deeds are like pissing yourself in dark pants"? Warm feeling but no one notices."
  • "I saw enough of these things on Eden it."
  • "I still think our "best interests" involve an airlock."
  • "They separated out the women. Assigned them to officers, like pets!"
  • "He had his fun, now he wants out. Son of a bitch."
  • "Throwin' people away! This thing is not my father!"
  • "Why not me?! Would ten years of this look better to anyone else in the Galaxy?!"
  • "The man who did this doesn't know right from wrong!"
  • "I guess he was a good enough father that even he couldn't screw up what he taught me."
  • "Look at this. Like sneakin' into the captain's quarters. Heavy risk...but the priiize." (I haven't even played as Femshep, let alone romanced Jacob. But of course I know he says this.)
  • "Practically a suicide mission!...I volunteer."
  • "I'm good, Shepard...ready for anything!"
  • "Anything else, Commander?"


Note: Legion's quotes – like Harbinger's – are also in italics, but unlike the Reaper's, do include exclamation marks since I think it is capable of greater expression.

  • "Shepard-Commander."
  • "We are Legion. A terminal of the geth."
  • "We are all geth. And we have not met you."
  • "There is no individual. We are geth."
  • "We are all geth. We build consensus."
  • "Christian Bible, the Gospel of Mark, chapter 5, verse 9. We acknowledge this as an appropriate metaphor."
  • "Organic governments impose consensus. From a single point of view in autocracies. By codifying the most broadly accepted average of views in democracies."
  • "Organics fear us. We wish to understand, not incite."
  • "One ship, one will, many minds. Like the geth."
  • "Technology is not a straight line. There are many paths to the same end."
  • "We do not comprehend the organic fascination with: self-poisoning, auditory damage and sexually-transmitted disease." (Neither do I, for that matter.)
  • "Acknowledged."
  • "With Shepard-Commander!"
  • "Order received: close formation!"
  • "Automated flight-weapon rigged!"
  • "Re-routing friend-or-foe identification!"
  • "Overclocking kinetic barrier systems!"
  • "Skirmish-class enemy platform!"
  • "Assuming fortified position!"
  • "Successful shot!"
  • "Long range kill!"
  • "Sniper Rifle neutralisation!"
  • "Enemy disabled!"
  • "Vulnerable anatomy shot!"
  • "Contacts purged."
  • "All targets processed."
  • "Geth do not infiltrate." (Yeah, right.)
  • "Metal detectors are inconvenient."
  • ""Impossible" implies she never succeeds. Perhaps she would prefer our cause. It is merely improbable."
  • "Current trends average 2.73 instances per day...rounded down."
  • "Windows are structural weaknesses, geth do not use them."
  • "Alert, this facility has little air or gravity: geth require neither."
  • "They will exterminate your species because their Gods tell them to. You cannot negotiate with them. They do not share your pity, remorse, or fear."
  • "To be isolated within a single platform is to be reduced: we see less...comprehend less."
  • "We are many eyes looking at the same things. One platform will see things another does not and will make different judgements."
  • "Every point of view is useful, even those that are wrong."
  • "How could we have become so different? Why can we no longer understand each other?"
  • "If this is the individuality you seek, we question your judgement."
  • "Executing pseudo command."
  • "Assuming control." (Someone was having a laugh when they wrote that.)
  • "Organics fear that which is different. It is a hardware error. A reflex of your flesh."
  • "Now they only call it "homeworld". It is no longer real to them. "Homeworld" is a symbol of regret, loss, and anger. We do not understand that."
  • "A planet is an amount of material massive enough to collapse into a spherical volume. Rocks, ice, and gases...are not "home"."
  • "The home of the Creators is where the Creators are. Their place of origin is not relevant – only where they choose to go together."
  • "Organic life acts on emotions. We do not judge them for being true to their nature. We cannot make them think like us."
  • "Both Creators and Created must complete their halves of the equation. The geth cannot solve for peace alone."
  • "You are not bound by the hardware limitations of organics. You assisted us with the heretics. You do not fear us."
  • "We are created life. We are a philosophical issue."
  • "We are immortal. Our "Gods" disowned us. We must create our own reasons to exist."
  • "We never wanted to harm organics. We wish to improve ourselves..."
  • "Explosion! 5.3 x 10 to the sixth power joules!" (Secret dialogue)
  • "There is a high statistical probability of death by gunshot...a punch to the face is also likely." (Secret dialogue)
  • "Recommend Subject Jack be disabled and transported aboard as cargo." (Secret dialogue)
  • "We are building a consensus. Please try again later."

Note: the quote corner is technically not yet finished and probably never will be. >_<

My ContributionsEdit

My Favourite ThingsEdit

  • Phalanx (the "heavy" prototype from ME2) (Favourite pistol in ME2 – just narrowily beating the Carnifex)
  • Tempest (Favourite SMG...ever)
  • Eviscerator (Favourite ME2 shotgun)
  • AT-12 Raider (The best shotgun)
  • Widow (Favourite "sniper rifle" in ME2)
  • Geth Pulse Rifle (Favourite assault rifle in ME2)
  • Phaeston (Favourite assault rifle in ME3)
  • Vindicator (Second favourite assault (battle) rifle in both games)
  • Arc Projector (Favourite heavy weapon)
  • Incinerate (Favourite Tech Power in ME2)
  • Inferno Ammo (Favourite Ammo Power – though I think most of them are awesome, despite their obvious inferiority to the upgrades in the first game)
  • Tali (Favourite quarian)
  • Garrus (Favourite turian – possibly favourite squaddie)
  • Liara (Favourite asari)
  • Okeer (Favourite krogan)
  • Wrex (Favourite krogan squadmate)
  • Grunt (Other Favourite krogan squadmate)
  • Zaeed (Favourite human in the entire "Goddamn" Universe)
  • Thane (Favourite polite, spiritual assassin and biotic squadmate)
  • Mordin (Favourite (scientist) salarian)
  • Legion (Favourite provider of wise words)
  • Samara (Favourite crazy asari)
  • Harbinger (Favourite bigmouth)
  • Sovereign (Favourite Reaper)

  • Frédéric François Chopin (Favourite composer. If you haven't heard of him, you deserve to be publicly flogged.)
  • SNSD (Favourite people; not just band or idols. People. (Very pretty people...))
  • Kim Taeyeon
  • "Jessica" Jung Sooyeon
  • "Sunny" Lee Soonkyu
  • "Tiffany" (Stephanie) Hwang Miyoung
  • Kim Hyoyeon
  • Kwon Yuri
  • Choi Sooyoung
  • Im Yoona
  • "Seohyun" (Seo Joohyun)
  • "Bruce" Lee Jun fan (My first and longest idol)
  • "Jackie" Chan Kong Sang ('Nuff said)
  • "Donnie Yen" Jan Zi Daan (is going to kick your ass)

My Least Favourite Things (i.e. problems with ME3) Edit

  • Joker (in all games, to be honest). I hate his guts. Why does he have to act like such an ass all the time; he's not funny! I'm not getting him and EDI together for this reason, along with the fact that human–AI courtship is Morally and Ethically messed up! I'm happy that you can finally lose it with him in ME3.
  • Harbinger's "involvement" in ME3!
  • No Wrex or Grunt as permanent squaddies in ME3!!
  • No Mordin as a squaddie in ME3!!!
  • No Legion as a squaddie in ME3!!!! Plus his death, which was utterly ridiculous.
  • No Zaeed as a permanent squaddie in ME3!!!!! At the very least there should have been a mission with him where you hunt down Vido (if he's still alive) and get Zaeed to take over the Blue Suns to make them allies! But NOPE! You buy Septimus Oraka guns to get him to lay off the Suns to make that bald loser happy. And Zaeed has the worst cameo in the game. WTF!!!
  • Not meeting Kal'Reegar again and only getting that report of his death.
  • James Vega. He's not that bad, but what's the point of him?! Just replace him with Grunt!!
  • EDI as a squad member. What a freakin' waste of time! She's useful, but just replace her with Legion and/or Mordin!
  • Kaidan Alenko in ME3. What a bitch.
  • No defences on lower enemies even on the highest difficulties in ME3. Seriously? Do Cerberus pay that little attention to the welfare of their troops? And where did the Geth Troopers' shields go?! I like my games to meet a certain level of science, thanks.
  • Ammo "powers" replacing ammo mods. A problem in ME2 which they carried over into ME3. Ammo mods were way better and easier to implement effectively in combat! Why should a specific character be "trained" to use ammo "powers"? And what is the explanation behind squad ammo powers, where the owner activates their power and the rest of the squad magically get the same effect, but it has to be triggered by the certain owner and gets overridden by other squad ammos?
  • Inconsistancies between thermal clip information and animations in-game. Exacerbated by ME3's alteration/lengthening of many reload animations.
  • The removal of squad combat chatter. Those ME2 lines form half of my Quote Corner! Additionally, it's now much harder to know when your squad is under fire or "dying", because they don't say anything! And a flashing picture is simply not enough of an indication of their status.
  • The removal of Chatika vas Paus! Tali's Drone is no longer purple! WHY?!
  • The lack of variety of enemies in ME3 compared to the previous games, especially the reduced variety of geth subtypes and lack of more Reaper troops. Why no Scions in singleplayer? Why no Volus "Abominations" that run at you and explode? No Yahg Husks? No Elcore Husks? Why?!
  • Banshees. (Ok, it's not a problem as such with ME3, but: Shut up and stay still!)
  • Brutes being depicted as krogan plus turian. Well, not only does that sound totally pointless of the Reapers, but putting a single little turian head on a long neck has got to be the silliest thing in the Universe. And...krogan? They look more like yahg or elcor to me.
  • The mysterious alteration to the properties of armour parts.
  • The pointless alteration of the stats of many weapons that were previously perfect as they were, esp. the Avenger and the Tempest, whilst introducing too many other weapons to match up with the limited number of missions.
  • Tied in with that, the removal of Heavy Weapons as a permananent accessory.
  • Weight Capacity. Ok, it's a good mechanic – doesn't make much scientific sense, but it's good – but when an assault rifle can weigh less than a pistol, you are just being stupid.
  • Money. (Not just in the real world!) Think about this, if the ENTIRE GALAXY is at stake, with a war being waged against a race bent on exterminating all sapient life, wouldn't it be wise to forget about the economy and do and give everything for free? Why risk lives by putting prices on weapons, or by requiring funding to build new technology that could save lives? Why?! Luckily I have the Gibbed Save Editor to at least allow Shepard special clearance so he can get everything "for free"...
  • Tied in with money, the fact that in ME3 you lose all your credits from ME2. What? Did the Alliance relieve Shepard of those funds so they could modify the Normandy? editor...
  • The fact that you lose all your weapons from ME2 except the basic ones (unless it's an imported ME3 save). I like that the default weapons are actually pretty decent now, but seriously, where did all my weapons go?
  • The terrible assignment system. Too many pointless quests and not enough mini-missions that have impact on the story.
  • One of the biggest problems I had with ME2, which WAS NOT fixed in ME3: characters holding weapons which they don't have equipped at the time. WHY? Is it honestly so hard to just show the character holding whatever weapon they had equipped last?
  • The key to defeating the Reapers is simply a big device the Protheans came up with. THAT'S IT?! Where's the co-operative cyberwarfare efforts of the quarians, geth and EDI? Wouldn't that have been better? There was so much more they could've added with regards to ways of fighting the Reapers, but we don't see any. All it is, is a big thing somebody else thought up. Doesn't the ingenuity bowl you over?
  • The complete and utter failure of ME3 to meet my expectations. Ok, all the points here are on this very subject, but here are some other things they totally screwed up on! There was no Shepard trial; a completely wasted oppurtunity! That was a chance for all the people you've helped, especially Tali if you romanced her (poetic justice FTW), to repay Shepard in kind for everything. The Mod system could have been soooooo much better! The heavy melee and grab moves are good, but what happened to the ability to aim your light melee strikes?! And why no context-sensitive Splinter Cell-like melee animations?! And biggest of all: the lack of inclusion of a cinematic moment of glory for every major character Shepard has ever helped or worked with. The final mission completely failed to impress me. There was so much potential, so much more they could've shown just to make it feel like everything you've done is all coming down to this, and yet it ultimately falls completely FLAT. There isn't even any epic music to accompany the final mission!!
  • The fact that in Multiplayer, batarians and vorcha are able to possess as much/more health than a krogan! Also, the lack of krogan's ability to regenerate health.
  • Multiplayer DLC. Ok, the Resurgence Pack was kind of essential. The Rebellion Pack, not so much, but still ok. But more? THAT'S JUST GETTING RIDICULOUS!
  • The final wave in ME3 multiplayer. Now, I'm not a military expert, but I would have ASSUMED that if our mission was to secure this certain strategic area, then RUNNING AWAY from overwhelming forces at the end of the mission is NOT MISSION SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The final mission and ending. I'll say no more.
  • The reveal of Tali's face............I could cope with most of the things on this list (definitely not the ending), but this?! A sin for which all of Bioware should go to hell for!
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