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Work in progress/To-dos[edit | edit source]

  • Templates
    • Add skills template
    • Add Infobox enemy (Andromeda) template
    • Add Infobox weapon (Andromeda) template
    • Revamp QuickNavBar template
    • Revamp Milky Way pages and cluster templates.
  • Andromeda pages
  • Inventory pages (armor, augs, consumables)
  • Achievement pages
  • Standardising and adding content to MEA mission pages.

Completed / abandoned work[edit | edit source]

Infobox portability migration (March 2017)[edit | edit source]

Adversary Infobox CSS clean-up (22 May 2012)[edit | edit source]

POI Template (11 May 2012)[edit | edit source]

Adversary Infobox (11 May 2012)[edit | edit source]

Milky Way Infoboxes (April 2012)[edit | edit source]

ME2 Weapon infobox cleanup (19 April 2012)[edit | edit source]

ME3 Adversary Infobox (12 April 2012)[edit | edit source]

Milky Way (21 March 2012)[edit | edit source]

Planets Missions (April 2010)[edit | edit source]

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Main Characters (March 2010)[edit | edit source]

Template[edit | edit source]

Class[edit | edit source]

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