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Work in progress/To-dos Edit

  • Templates
    • Add skills template
    • Add Infobox enemy (Andromeda) template
    • Add Infobox weapon (Andromeda) template
    • Revamp QuickNavBar template
    • Revamp Milky Way pages and cluster templates.
  • Andromeda pages
  • Inventory pages (armor, augs, consumables)
  • Achievement pages
  • Standardising and adding content to MEA mission pages.

Completed / abandoned work Edit

Infobox portability migration (March 2017) Edit

Adversary Infobox CSS clean-up (22 May 2012) Edit

POI Template (11 May 2012) Edit

Adversary Infobox (11 May 2012) Edit

Milky Way Infoboxes (April 2012) Edit

ME2 Weapon infobox cleanup (19 April 2012) Edit

ME3 Adversary Infobox (12 April 2012) Edit

Milky Way (21 March 2012) Edit

Planets Missions (April 2010) Edit

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Main Characters (March 2010) Edit



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