This is a page to compile content deleted from or altered in the final version of the first Mass Effect game.

[1] Saving both Ashley and Kaidan on Virmire. Also includes different ending dialogue.

[2] Kaiden - Male Shep romance

[3] At some point, Ashley was a possible romance for female Shepard.

[4] X06 Demo Footage:

  • Different look for the Galaxy Map. (0:55)
  • Hades G Cluser (1:01)
    • Probably Hades Gamma or Artemis Tau
  • Different system looks (1:07) - highly irregular orbits
  • Hades CGA 12506 Star System (1:07)
  • Caleston (1:22)
    • Cut from game
    • Different location in the galaxy than added in ME2
    • Planet instead of a moon
  • Bare-faced Garrus (2:17)
  • Interrupt System (2:19)
  • Different HUD (2:31)
  • Different Menu Look (2:48)
  • Ability to Control Squadmates Separately (3:57)

Various unused contents extracted from Mass Effect PC files
Molator (talk) 13:02, March 15, 2014 (UTC)

  • Fal 3 Manufactory

Fal 3 is a privately-owned planet in salarian space. An entire world devoted to the industrial process, its primary revenue stream is generated by the construction and sale of private spacecraft. To supplement income, Fal 3 Manufactory has launched a line of prototype omni-tools, though they are expensive and extremely rare.

  • Weirrus

With strange visual features that can be seen from orbit, Weirrus is a rock and ice planet with an extremely thin atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide and ethane. Its frozen surface is mainly composed of iron with deposits of nickel. Surface gravity is comfortable at 1.5 standard G's. Anomalous radiation emissions from the surface have been detected.

Orbital Period: 179.0 Earth Years
Radius: 7158 km
Day Length: 31.8 Earth Hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.07 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: -210 Celsius

  • Unidentified

Corporate investment in the belt dried up when mass effect drive was discovered. The ability to cheaply lift resources into space from habitable worlds made asteroid mining unprofitable in comparison. Iconoclasts and independent miners still settle in the belt.

Orbital Distance: 1.8 to 4.5 AU
Population: 11,000

  • Earth description

For detailed information, please refer to the standard issue Alliance Galactic Codex. Earth orbit is riddled with debris generated by ""bootstrap"" space development; use of kinetic barriers is recommended at altitudes over 85 km.

Population (Surface): 11.4 billion
Population (L4 and L5 stations): 250,000

Orbital Distance: 1 AU
Orbital Period: 1 Earth Years
Radius: 6378 km
Day Length: 23.9 Earth Hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 1 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: 23 Celsius

  • Caleston

Geysers of molten suphur dot the rugged landscape of this volcanic moon, its atmosphere a toxic layer of sulphur dioxide. Eldfell-Ashland Energy established mining operations on Caleston to extract the scattered deposits of element zero leftover from an ancient meteor strike, making this moon the largest source of starship drive core material in the Attican Traverse.

  • Clusters Textures (and more)

The link will be available for 30 days:

  • List of corporations

I found a list of corporations in a texture.
Source texture, texture with green canal only and texture with red canal only:

Too bad that didn't happen. I actually wanted to have Mordin in the paragon walkthrough as well as recruit Nyreen and Randall to the squad.--Mike Gilbert 16:46, March 15, 2014 (UTC)
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