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Ari'ka is a representative for the raloi. When the Reapers invade the galaxy, the raloi choose to withdraw from the galactic community and enter hiding in an effort to spare themselves. Representative Ari'ka is quoted by news reports on the Citadel as saying, "We have no wish to battle those who have yet to wrong us, nor have we the capability."


Dehkarr is a batarian refugee on the Citadel. On the Citadel, Dehkarr finds himself seated beside Christophe Vasser, a human refugee from Earth. Vasser attempts to strike up a conversation, telling Dehkarr about his experiences during the Reaper attack on Earth. Dehkarr is initially annoyed and reluctant to speak, going so far as to tell Vasser to shut up. He eventually opens up, saying that he was above Khar'shan on a weather satellite when the Reapers attacked. Dehkarr says that when allowed to leave the Citadel, he intends to look for his wife, who was visiting family on Omega when Khar'shan fell. He also tells Vasser, who intends to join the Alliance military, to nail a few Reapers for him.

Dakni KurEdit

Dakni Kur is a volus merchant and business partner of Pitne For. He was murdered in a district in Nos Astra on Illium by Elnora with a shotgun blast at close range. His body is recovered by the police the following day, and his identity is confirmed by Pitne. Detective Anaya investigated his murder.


Eezo is a pet Varren of Jack born on Thessia.

Element zero on the asari homeworld caused Eezo has developed biotic abilities. According to Jack, biotic abilities in varren make them short-tempered, leading to their abuse and abandonment. When Jack first rescued him from shelter, Eezo started out very angry and mistrustful of others, but all the love she has shown him has made him a "big old softy" to the point where he plays catch with Shepard. The commander has the option of pointing out the similarities between Eezo and Jack. If Shepard does, Jack will say she doesn't know what Shepard is talking about and Shepard will quickly drop the subject.


Fedorian is the Primarch of the turian homeworld Palaven. As primarch of the Turian Hierarchy's capital, Fedorian serves as a spokesperson of sorts for the turians. When the Reapers attack the turian colony of Taetrus, Fedorian delivers an address urging his fellow turians to not give in to rage but to fight back, vowing vengeance for the attack and promising a turian victory, no matter the cost. A week later, following unsuccessful attempts to retake Taetrus and with the Reapers bearing down on Palaven itself, Fedorian delivers another address telling the people of Palaven to prepare for the worst, saying that the turians cannot count on their allies for they too are facing the Reapers. Instead, he urges them to steel their resolve and be "saviors" not only for turians but for others who count on them.

Despite his doubts over the efficacy of an alliance, Fedorian also calls a war summit of the galaxy's various races. Before he can get there, his shuttle is shot down over Palaven's moon Menae when the Reapers finally attack Palaven itself. At the suggestion of the turian councilor, Commander Shepard goes to Menae to help locate Fedorian. Unfortunately, it appears that Fedorian is dead. He is replaced as Primarch of Palaven by Adrien Victus.


Forta is an elcor artist. Morinth is a fan of his work, describing it as "sublime" but also saying that staring at it for too long causes one to go mad. Mentioning Forta to Morinth is one way Shepard can help get in Morinth's good graces.

Beelo GurjiEdit

Beelo Gurji is a salarian operative who was named the first Spectre in 693 CE. Footage of Gurji being offered the job appears in the Citadel Archives. Gurji was apprehended for using 30 civilians as bait to flush out and eliminate his target, saying in his defense that he knew they would survive...probably. Rather than facing punishment, Gurji is offered a position as a Spectre. He initially expresses disinterest, thinking it's a desk job but accepts upon being told how Spectres will operate outside the law.


Dorn'Hazt is a quarian civilian serving in the Quarian Civilian Fleet, working in maintenance, cleaning engine arts. Shepard encounters Hazt on Rannoch while trying to rescue Admiral Zaal'Koris, whose ship had crashed on the planet. Dorn is mortally wounded, having faced off against the geth in attempt to buy other civilians some time to escape. Before dying, Dorn points Shepard in the direction of Koris. He also asks Shepard tell his son Jona that his father made it to the homeworld. If Tali is present, she expresses her hope that he rests in peace and refers to him as "Dorn'Hazt vas Rannoch."

Ksad IshanEdit

Ksad Ishan is a Prothean scientist and the overseer of the Prothean research facility on Ilos. His personality imprints were used to create the VI called Vigil.


In asari mythology, Janiri was one of the companions and assistants to the goddess Athame, along with Lucen. The three companions are credited with bringing knowledge to the ancient asari. Janiri in particular is credited with teaching them agricultural practices, including the seasons. In reality, Janiri, Athame, and Lucen were Protheans, and their efforts to enlighten the asari were part of a Prothean attempt to uplift the species.

Even though few still adhere to the Athame Doctrine, many asari still mark the arrival of spring and the new year by celebrating Janiris, a holiday named for Janiri. Those celebrating Janiris exchange wreaths made of flowers. Observance of Janiris has even expanded to some non-asari. Additionally, as with Lucen and Athame, one of the planets in the asari home system is named for Janiri.

Drew KarpyshynEdit

Drew Karpyshyn is a human author. His works include Ascension and Revelation, both popular military-historical works. Revelation covers a young David Anderson's investigation into the destruction of top secret military research station on Shanxi, his pursuit of his top suspect Kahlee Sanders, run-ins with mercenaries and a bounty hunter, and his alliance with the anti-human turian Spectre Saren Arterius. Ascension focuses on several lives warped or destroyed by the human-survivalist cult Cerberus, notably Paul Grayson, a secret Cerberus operative, and his daughter Gillian, a test subject in Cerberus' Ascension project, a secret biotics program designed to create a super-human warrior. Shepard can buy both books for five credits each at the Zakera Cafe on the Citadel.


  • Drew Karpyshyn is real-life author who has worked extensively in the Mass Effect universe. He was the leader writer on Mass Effect and co-lead writer on Mass Effect 2.
  • Karpyshyn is also a novelist. Indeed, Ascension and Revelation are the sub-titles for two of Karpyshyn's Mass Effect novels, Mass Effect: Ascension and Mass Effect: Revelation. The premises of both in-universe novels matches closely with their real-world counterparts.

Francis KittEdit

Francis Kitt is a human director. One of his best-known works is a 14-hour stage production of William Shakespeare's Hamlet featuring an all-elcor cast. Elcor were used because they communicate emotion through subtle body language and pheromones which are unnoticeable by non-elcor, giving the source material the chance to be judged on its actual text and not its emotions. The play proved very successful and won awards. Advertisements and clips from the performance can be heard on the Citadel.

Kitt can be found on the Silversun Strip on the Citadel conversing with an asari. Kitt says that he plays to move on to a production of Macbeth featuring a new krogan actor in the titular role, saying that the actor "brings a raw brutality" to the role that fits the actions of the character.

Mordin Solus was a cast member in an interspecies adaptation of Hamlet held at Francis Kitt Community Theaters.


Citadel Archives - year 700 CE, Krogan Rebellions, attack on Council, vault K306

Kredak is a krogan overlord and ambassador. His physical attack on the Citadel Council served as a major flashpoint in the Krogan Rebellions. Although footage of his attack on the Council is unavailable, audio and a still frame still exist in the Citadel Archives. Prior to the attack, Kredak and the Council had been discussing the krogan people's aggressive expansion. Kredak angrily states his belief that the krogan have not been fully compensated for their role in winning the Rachni Wars and states the krogan will not leave the asari colony Lusia. When the salarian councilor attempts to defuse the situation, Kredak declares that "negotiations are over" and attacks.

Kumun SholEdit

Kumun Shol is a volus billionaire. Described as "eccentric," Shol claims that a vision told him to travel to Klencory to seek out the "beings of light" to protect organic life from the synthetic "machine devils."


Lilith is a human colonist from the human colony Horizon. She is seen with Kaidan Alenko or Ashley Williams (depending on which one survived on Virmire), arguing about whether the colony's inactive comms system or its defenses should take priority. Lilith argues that communications are more important. The argument is interrupted by the arrival of the Collectors. Lilith attempts to flee but is incapacitated by a Seeker Swarm. She is then taken captive by the Collectors.

If Commander Shepard makes it to the Collector Base soon after the Normandy's crew is taken, Shepard will then witness Lilith's death in a Collector pod. If Shepard was not quick enough in getting to the Collector base, they will instead see Kelly Chambers die in the same manner, and Lilith is presumably already dead.


Along with Janiri, asari mythology states that Lucen was one of the guides and assistants to the Goddess Athame. Followers of the Athame Doctrine hold that Athame and her companions brought knowledge to the ancient asari. In particular, Lucen is credited with teaching the asari about the stars, pottery, foraging, and biotics. In reality, Janiri, Athame, and Lucen were Protheans, their efforts to enlighten the asari were part of a Prothean attempt to uplift the species.

Asari mythology further states that Lucen asked for the gift of prophecy from Athame in order to see if the asari would proposer in the future. Athame refused, causing Lucen to attempted to steal it from one of Athame's jars. In retaliation, the "goddess" struck Lucen down.

As with Janiri and Athame, one of the planets in the asari home system is named for Lucen.


Olembe is a sergeant with the Systems Alliance. She appears on the Citadel docks, briefing one of her subordinates, Private Talavi on her assignment. Olembe and Talavi have been assigned to an eezo mining facility on Zahni. Olembe rebuffs Talavi protests that they are "playing security" by noting the importance of eezo to the war effort. Furthermore, Alliance intel expects a raid on the facility by Cerberus.

On learning that they will most likely be fighting Cerberus instead of the Reapers, Private Talavi requests a transfer to a theatre with Reapers. Annoyed with the request, Olembe asks whey Talavi deserves special treatment. Eventually, Talavi reveals that her little brother had joined Cerberus for the pay and benefits. Upon learning this, Olembe agrees to try to facilitate Talavi's transfer, which Shepard can approve.

Bilial OsobaEdit

Bilial Osoba is a soldier with the Systems Alliance and son of the human ambassador Dominic Osoba. Bilial's squad was sent to Benning on a mission. While the rest of his squad returned from the mission, Bilial did not. The details of Bilial's disappearance are sketchy, his squadmates too ashamed to even look his father in the eye when quested and Alliance bureaucracy also unwilling to give details.

In reality, Bilial died heroically on Benning. Commander Shepard can find his dog tags either at the behest of Bilial's father, by stumbling upon them during another mission, or, if missed on Benning, by purchasing them on the black market through the Spectre Requisitions console. Retrieving the dog tags and returning them to Billial's father provides Dominic with the information and closure that has alluded him.


Neaira is an asari huntress. She is the shipmate and friend to Aeian T'Goni, another asari commando. Aeian had wanted their relationship to go beyond friendship but says that Neaira had a "medical condition," implying that Neaira was an Ardat-Yakshi). When the Reapers attack the human colony Tiptree, Neaira's ship is deployed help evacuate civilians. During the mission, Neaira is captured by Reaper forces and transformed into a Banshee (or some other Reaper creature), described as glowing and having eyes that are constantly black. She leads an attack an attack on the farm where Aeian was spending the night, killing farmers through her touch or with biotics, turning them into liquid.

Grothan PaznessEdit

WA GovernorGrothanPazness

Grothan Pazness is the governor of the batarian colony Camala. Pazness at first blames the Systems Alliance for the destruction of batarian comm buoys, though this is actually the first stages of the Reapers' invasion of batarian space. At some point, Pazness goes to Cholis and can be rescued from there by Commander Shepard. Pazness also experiences a dramatic change in attitude. Following his rescue, he calls for his fellow batarians to join the galactic war effort and embrace the Citadel races as brothers and sisters in arms as well as works on providing relief for batarian refugees.

Susan RizziEdit

Susan Rizzi is a human N7 Fury Adept. She is a graduate of specialized training in Rio de Janeiro. Commander Shepard encounters Rizzi on the Citadel where she is meeting with an Alliance procurement specialist. To her dismay, she is given the Graal Spike Thrower. Rizzi protests that, as an adept, she never uses shotguns and often doesn't use weapons at all given her biotics and that the Graal Spike Thrower's weight would only serve to lengthen the cooldown times for her biotics. In a feeble attempt to placate her, the procurement officer also gives Rizzi a strength enhancer, something she doesn't need given her Annihilation Field. In her exasperation, Rizzi tells the officer he is the reason they're losing the war.


  • Rizzi's conversation with the procurement officer is one of several conversations that parody Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. Her conversation in particular references the store and players' annoyance that its random nature often results in players receiving useless items instead of items they want and need.


Ruck is an apparently ally of Aria T'Loak during her campaign to retake Omega from Cerberus. An asari inside Aria's Bunker can be heard communicating over the radio with Ruck, who is lost. To the asari's horror, she realizes that Ruck is lost within Cerberus-controlled territory.


  • Ruck is a reference to a character of the same name from BioWare's Dragon Age franchise. In both cases, the character is lost within enemy territory.


Shiagur was a krogan warlord active during the Krogan Rebellions. A rare female not affected by the Genophage, Shiagur used her fertility to lure the strongest male krogan warriors to her side with would-be partners competing for the right to join her side and lie with her. Despite her military strength, Shiagur was defeated and killed by turian forces at the battle of Canrum. Her death sparked massive retaliation by krogan forces, resulting in the deaths of thousands of turians.

Shiagur is an ancestor of Nakmor Drack. Many other krogan claim to carry the "blood of Shiagur"


Sten is a colonist from Horizon. According to Delan, he is taken by the Collectors.


C. TalaviEdit

C. Talavi is a Cerberus recruit. While on a mission on Sanctum, Commander Shepard can find two datapads with messages written by Talavi. The first is written just after Talavi's arrival and before the recruit's "integration" into Cerberus. In this message, Talavi notes the dour demeanor from the other troopers and expresses reservations about Cerberus' "suicide on capture" orders, but Talavi also expresses excitement for the upcoming integration.

The second datapad contains a message written after Talavi has successfully been integrated. This version of Talavi is unquestioningly accepting of the suicide on capture orders, expresses devotion to Cerberus, and vows to protect humanity "at any cost."


On the Citadel, an Alliance private named Talavi states that her brother had recently been lured into joining Cerberus under the lure of money and benefits.

Christophe VasserEdit

Christophe Vasser is a human refugee on the Citadel. On the Citadel, Vasser finds himself sitting beside Dekharr, a batarian refugee from Khar'shan. Vasser strikes up a conversation, telling Dekharr about his experience during the Reaper attack on his hometown of Lyon. Just prior to the attack, he was on his boat when the sky suddenly turned black and he heard a loud boom. A giant metal wall rushed down and knocked him into the river. That metal wall turned out to be the leg of a Reaper.

Dekharr is initially irritated at Vasser and reluctant to speak, but eventually opens up and tells of his experience during the Reaper attack on Khar'shan. When asked what he plans to do when finally allowed to leave the Citadel, Vasser says that he plans to get drunk, join the Alliance, and ask for the biggest gun he can carry.

Solana VakarianEdit

Solana Vakarian is Garrus' sister.

The siblings chatted by extranet and the last time was before Omega 4 Relay Jump, what was recorded and archived by Shadow Broker. When Garrus cought her, she asked him about his wherebouts, but he refused to answer because it's classified. He asked his sister about their mom's health condition and she said it's getting worse and worse. He offered to pay for treatments in a salarian hospital, but she pointed her brother has no salary since he quited C-Sec. She's mad at him for playing a mercenary and doing nothing to help their mother, but that's due to stress because salarian doctors are really expensive and she can't help it.

Garrus mentions her during Reaper invasion on Palaven.


Vaykom is a member of the salarian Special Tasks Group (STG), holding the rank of colonel during the time of the Reaper invasion. If Urdnot Wrex, Urdnot Wreav, and Captain Kirrahe are all dead, Shepard can encounter Vaykom in the lead up to the final battle on Earth. There, Vaykom can be found speaking to a group of assembled salarian forces, giving out orders. He will also give a speech that invokes the name of the fallen Kirrahe and his frequent rallying cry of "hold the line." If spoken to, Vaykom will say that he and his men are proud to fight alongside Shepard. He will also thank Shepard on behalf of the Dalatrass for the Commander's handling of the "krogan situation."

Pashek VranEdit

Pashek Vran was the overseer of the Prothean Crucible project, a last-ditch effort by the Protheans to defeat the Reapers. Unfortunately, he was killed at the Battle of Tranbir 9 before the project could be completed. His personality imprints were used to create the VI called Vendetta.

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