• I live in Australia (but from Malaysia)
  • I am Male
Supernatural | Mass Effect | Survivor ORG & Smallville & Merlin (inactive)
I'm an active editor this wiki. I am familiar with MediaWiki, source and making templates. So, if you need any help with source or page templates, you can ask me on my talk page.

A Little About MeEdit

  • Loves general knowledge, and I like solving puzzles and quizzes.
  • Loves cats and nature.
  • Loves to jog, swim and play badminton.
  • Once hit a man with a racquet by accident. (the only crime I'd done so far)
  • Star Wars, Mass Effect and Merlin expert.
  • Love to write story.

Favorite CharactersEdit

My Favorite Characters from Mass Effect

  • EDI
  • Kaidan
  • Shepard
  • Thane
  • Garrus
  • Wrex
  • Joker
  • N7 Shadow (Multiplayer Character)
  • N7 Paladin (Multiplayer Character)

Favorite MoviesEdit

My Top Five Favorite Movies

1. Marvel's Avenger Assemble (2012)

2. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

3. Thor (2001)

4. Star Wars (1977-2005)

5. Cheaper By the Dozen 1/2 (2003 and 2005)

Favorite ShowEdit

My Top Five Favorite Show

1. Merlin (2008-2012)

2. Smallville (2001-2011)

3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-Present)

4. No Ordinary Family (2010-2011)

5. Disney XD's Lab Rats (2012-Present)

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Wiki FriendsEdit

Mass Effect GalleryEdit

Mass Effect CharacterEdit

Gwendolyn Shepard
ME-Enemy Container-HME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-S
Background: Spacer/War Hero
Class: Infiltrator
Specialization: Commando
Armament: Sniper Rifles/Pistols
Abilities: Marksman Pistols
Assassination Sniper Rifles
ShieldBoost Tactical Armor
Immunity Fitness
Overload Electronics
Damping Damping
Sabotage Decryption
FirstAidIcon First Aid
Morality: 90% / 10%
Romance: Kaidan Alenko
  • Saved the Rachni Queen
  • Rescued Kaidan Alenko on Virmire
  • Chose to save the Council
  • Romanced Kaidan
  • Convinced the fan
  • Stopped the V.I on Luna
  • Sacrificed Ashley Williams
  • Nominated Anderson for Citadel Council

Gwendolyn Shepard
Enemy Container-BH
Class: Infiltrator
Specialization: Assassin
Armament: Submachine Gun/Sniper Rifles/Heavy Pistols
Abilities: Disruptor Ammo ME2 Icon Disruptor Ammo
Cryo Ammo ME2 Icon Cryo Ammo
Cloak ME2 Icon Tactical Cloak
Incinerate ME2 Icon Incinerate
Hacking ME2 Icon AI Hacking
Class Power ME2 Icon Operative
Morality: 100% / 5%
Romance: None

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