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About me Edit

Ready for Andromeda! (This news drip feed is slowly killing me.)

I am an Administrator on this wiki. Feel free to ask me questions you have about the wiki or the Mass Effect universe.

I played the trilogy on the Xbox 360, but will be playing Andromeda on PC.

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User Contributions Edit

  • It's over nine five thousand! (29-Mar-13)
  • First vandal blocked on 11-Mar-13
Wanted Projects
  • Toggle script
  • New ME3 power template

Commander Shepard Edit

Jane Shepard
ME-Enemy Container-HME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-S
Background: Ruthless Spacer
Class: Soldier
Specialization:  ?
Armament: HMWA Master X
HMWSR Master X
HMWP Master X
HMWSG Master X
Abilities: Marksman Marksman
Carnage Carnage
Overkill Overkill
Assassination Assassination
ShieldBoost Shield Boost
Immunity Immunity
Morality: 20% / 80%
Romance: Kaidan
  • Citadel: Punched a reporter. Stuck a gun in a fan's face.
  • Feros: Saved the colony and most of the colonists.
  • Noveria: Released the Rachni Queen.
  • Asteroid X57: Saved hostages.
  • Virmire: Talked down Wrex. Assisted Captain Kirrahe and his crew. Sacrificed Ashley Williams.
  • Race Against Time: Saved the Council and Destiny Ascension. Convinced Saren. Nominated Donnel Udina for Councillor.

Jane Shepard
Enemy Container-BH
Class: Vanguard
Specialization: Champion
Armament: M-22 Eviscerator
M-15 Vindicator
M-6 Carnifex
Abilities: Charge ME2 Icon Charge
Shockwave ME2 Icon Shockwave
Pull ME2 Icon Pull
Incendiary Ammo ME2 Icon Incendiary Ammo
Cryo Ammo ME2 Icon Cryo Ammo
Energydrain Energy Drain
Morality: 15% / 85%
Romance: None
  • Citadel: Regained Spectre status. Allowed Garrus to shoot Fade and Sidonis. Killed a racist politician.
  • Tuchanka: Allowed Maelon to live. Preserved Maelon's research. Took down a thresher maw.
  • Migrant Fleet: Shouted down Admiralty Board.
  • Herectic Station: Destroyed heretic geth.
  • Collector Base: Destroyed.
  • Suicide Mission Casualties: None.

Jane Shepard
ME3 Enemy-BH
Class: Vanguard
Armament: M-22 Eviscerator
Blood Pack Punisher
Abilities: ME3 Biotic Charge Biotic Charge
ME3 Nova Nova
ME3 Pull Pull
ME3 Reave Reave
ME3 Incendiary Ammo Incendiary Ammo
ME3 Shockwave Shockwave
Reputation: 25% / 75%
Romance: Kaidan
  • Priority: Tuchanka: Cured the genophage.
  • Priority: The Citadel II: Talked down Kaidan. Shot Udina.
  • Priority: Rannoch: Brokered peace between the geth and quarians.
  • Priority: Earth: Destroyed the Reapers.

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