I am Unic of the borg. I like Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and own them now. Now I can't wait for Mass Effect 3, which will probably involve uniting entire races against the Reapers (I practically realized the possibility of that happening in the game).

I like Commander Shepard, he/she is very courageous and I prefer the paragon story. The galaxy needs leadership after all. I also beated Mass Effect 2 in just two weeks after it was released. I thought ahead and believed that an army composed of krogan, rachni, geth and quarians are required to face the Reapers.

Game identitiesEdit

I have decided to play my different Shepards in gender order.

John ShepardEdit

  • Vanguard
  • Love interest, Ashley, then Miranda.
  • Saved the Council (needed Spectre status in the next game), destroyed Collector base

Emma ShepardEdit

  • Adept
  • Love interest - Liara (kept to Liara in the second game)
  • Chose Anderson, destroyed collector base

Richard ShepardEdit

  • Sentinel
  • Love interest - Liara - first tried Ashley, then went to Jack
  • Chose Captain Anderson for Council (saved it from geth)

Elizabeth ShepardEdit

  • Soldier
  • Love interest Kaidan
  • Picked Anderson for Council

Stan ShepardEdit

  • Infiltrator
  • Love interest - Ashley this time
  • Chose Anderson for Council

Adrianne ShepardEdit

Gabriel ShepardEdit

  • Adept
  • Love interest Liara (kept)

Rachael ShepardEdit

Carter ShepardEdit

  • Soldier
  • Love interest - Tali

Janice ShepardEdit

  • Sentinel
  • Love interest - Garrus

Nick Shepard (Mass Effect 2 non-import)Edit

  • Soldier
  • Love interest: Tali
  • Saved Collector Base (want to use against Reapers, unfortunately.)
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