Does anyone ever use the M-451 Firestorm (flamethrower)? Particularly on Insanity difficulty. I've tried it a few times, with zero Shepard-survival rate.

I'm curious about other player's opinions on this heavy weapon. Also, if you'd like to comment on one or two others that you find difficult, that's fine too. Tips on advantageous uses would be welcomed.

For example, I find the Geth Pulse Rifle to have too little stopping power to be useful on Insanity (and in the hands of an ally, it's almost like a water hose). And yet I want it to be good, since, with the partial exception of the M-76 Revenant (which itself packs a lighter punch than the Locust), there is no fully automatic assault rifle that's useful on Insanity (at least to me). Perhaps it's my play style (I tend to take a lot of hits), but...

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