It appears that we are not far off the arrival of Sony and Microsoft's new consoles, there is an increasing amount of chatter about them online. Whilst it is unlikely that either system will hold parity with a top end gaming PC they will be better than the current gen. Now I am no expert on building games but I would assume that better graphics cards, faster processors, more memory and an optical drive that can actually hold an entire game (looking at Microsoft) would allow a broader gaming experience.

So I am thinking, if I could make a wishlist for a game set in the ME universe, what features would I like to see added (or brought back) to the series.

Bigger and more open Hubs. If they can be as pretty as they were in ME3 but big, really big. I'm not talking about dungeon crawling here but wouldn't it be nice if we could spend time actually exploring a hub?

Proper vehicles. Maybe a choice of vehicles that we can use to explore big chunks of planets. Upgrades for vehicles, that would be cool right?

Space combat. The Normandy was a big part of all the games but we never really got to use her in combat. Wouldn't the occasional space battle be fun, maybe with some boarding actions too.

I'm not talking storylines or characters, just wondering what we would put on our wishlists if time and money were no object.

CheersBiggreybear (talk)

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