I'm not quite sure if this is the best place to post this type of question (Could be better directed towards Wikianswers), but I thought I'd ask here anyway, as I personally think that these blog discussions are THE go-to place if you want an educated or informed answer regarding anything ME-Related. Anyways, I was just wondering if we will be required to have the ME2 DLC installed on our harddrives when we import our saves to ME3? Or will the game still recognize a completed save file (DLC included) without needing to have the actual content present at the time? Truth being, I have a limited amount of memory available (less than 20GB), and need to delete a few things to free up some space for other things (Still keeping the saves though), and I'd rather not have to take the time to redownload all of the extra content again if Scenario A turns out to be true. If anyone can set the record straight with this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Side Note: First time posting anything on this wiki. Just thought I'd say that it's good to be here

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