I put together the race list available for play before Mass Effect 2 came out. Looking at the descriptions of the vorcha, I assumed they'd mostly be an enemy race, but similar to the krogan - smart, able, etc. Not... cannon fodder. I didn't think to remove the race from my RPG system, though. So then my girlfriend goes and, in her usualy roleplaying fashion, creates a vorcha character. Oy.

My Dad just finished playing Mass Effect 1 (sorry, whoever doesn't like it, but when I refer to the series I say Mass Effect and want a way to distinguish), so once I get the chance he'll be making a character with me. I think he's leaning asari, though he might go quarian; if he goes with the former, then including the NPC, we'll have a party of three asari and one vorcha. One of these things is not like the others.

But, it's going well, and combat early on has shown what needs work. I added some stuff to Lift, making it a very powerful biotic power. Biotics are somewhat overpowered, but here's how I roll when I GM: if the party abuses something that is OP, I have an enemy abuse it right back at them. The first game I GM'd (Demon Hunters, also based on Cortex, for those wondering), my players abused the loose penalty for headshots (since rectified in the Cortex core system) and one player abused the ability to dodge (also now with a note where the GM can limit that). So I had enemies draw headshots on the players and dodge a fair amount as well. The player who did the most abusing of the system lost two characters, though I'll give him points for doing so with style (taking out a dozen enemies with a single suicide grenade).

Anyhow. Still accepting players :D With my father joining, we'll be at three, and someone else at school has shown interest, though I haven't heard back from him. Check out more of the mod site for things like available races and so on.

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