Whoo, first post. Probably gonna used this to put up sporadic notes about the Cortex RPG mod for Mass Effect that I'm making. I appreciate feedback, though I'm sure none of you have ever played anything Cortex based (Firefly/Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, Demon Hunters).

Started work on the RPG mod for Mass Effect. Got the book yesterday, so not doing things from memory anymore. First thing - paring down the *ridiculous* number of weapons down to something manageable. Now have three pistols, three shotguns, and so on, from Novice to Service to Master. Variety is nice, but with a limited amount of damage die most wouldn't have much of an impact from each other.

Next thing to do: working out weapon mods. The book has a few modifications in it, and I'll take those and create new ones as needed. First, though, I have to go through MEWiki and pick out the various types. Fun!

Weapon Listing

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