August 27, 2011 - The contest is now over. BioWare has announced the winner:

Default Female Shepard

August 17, 2011 - While female Shepard design #5 won the original contest by a landslide, not too many were happy with the results. In response, BioWare has begun a second round of the contest to finalize the design.

Here are the four new designs to vote for:

Mass Effect 3 Shepard designs 2

Following BioWare's Mass Effect March on Comic-Con, Casey Hudson announced that fans can choose the default appearance of female Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3. Go to the official Mass Effect Facebook page and "Like" one of the six potential female Shepard designs to vote for it, the winning design will be featured in ME3.

Here are the designs to vote for:

Mass Effect 3 female Shepard designs
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