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  • Jackalex13

    Transfer saves

    May 3, 2015 by Jackalex13

    OK so, whether it belongs to the forums or not, I have no clue. Anyways, this is a question I want to ask. Is it POSSIBLE to transfer my Xbox 360 saves to the PC? Ever since I got all 3 games on PC, I don't have all the DLC and because the DLC play such a crucial role in the game, I want to make sure my Mass Effect is played in the best possible experience but thing get all the DLC, I have to go to Bioware, find the dlc's, buy them and latrer download them which I personally find annoying. Now I played all 3 games on the Xbox first and I got basically got all the DLC's.

    Back to the question, is it actually possible to transfer my Xbox saves onto the PC?

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  • Jackalex13

    Since there will be an ME4 which is good, what do you think that can have some possibilities?

    Me: Well if we imported our (personal) save to ME4, of course we have some consequences, maybe heavy ones I guess. I chose destroy, saved all squadmates (besides Mordin, Thane and Ashley), romanced Liara and I had a nice ending (Shepard does not die, no damage at all, good things actually because I went paragon all the way).

    Liara might return for ME4, codexs that includ key events, references, works that represented what you did in the ME Franchise (statues and honorable places) and of course, an awesome space battle.

    You guys: Comment below

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  • Jackalex13

    Title says it all. My favorite squadmates in ME1 is Garrus and Liara.

    ME2: Garrus and Tali.

    ME 3: Same as ME2


    Garrus: He is a brother to me (My character is obviously a male) and he usually has some interesting opinions. He usually has some interesting dialogue and sometimes jokes but he will always follow me to battle. I took him to every last mission like the Battle of the Citadel, Destroying the Collector home world and Battle For Earth and I find his famous one liner Just like old times. memorable.

    Tali: She is kind and quite cute. She has some interesting dialogue whenever I took her to missions or the Citadel. Besides that, she is my romance partner because she was interested in me (as in my character) in ME1.

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  • Jackalex13

    Well, after the 3 optional endings in ME3, I was wondering what planet did the crew land on?

    My 2 possible guests:



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  • Jackalex13

    So 3 endings for ME3. which is the true ending.

    DESTROY the reapers.

    CONTROL the reapers.

    SYNTHETIC life for the humans.

    write down in da comments below.

    My opinion: DESTROY

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