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    If any of you have been following the fallout from E3, many of you would know that Microsoft is under fire for its contraversial policies regarding the Xbox One. Always online, check in every 24 hours, and no used games.

    I really should say was under fire.

    In an announcement earlier today, Microsoft released that they are DROPPING the 24-hour check in, dropping their policies on used games, and dropping the always online requirement. According to Don Mattrick the Xbox One in terms of these areas will work just like the Xbox 360. The only required internet will be when setting up the console.

    The only difference now from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One will be the required Kinect. This however, I DO NOT have a problem with.


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    This was just a little too quickly for me. With just 4 major story DLCs compared to the 5 or 6 that ME2 came out with, I feel ripped off by BioWare. There also won't be a year of DLC and that really just angers me. I understand that everything has to come to an eventual end, but with this? I can't accept that.

    Mass Effect 3 was considerably lighter on the DLC compared to ME2, which is something that I don't get. I think to much development time was spend on Multiplayer. ME2 had more story, more weapons, more armor, and with ME3, we got five MP packs that no doubt diverted from SP development. I hate that. 3 Story DLCs...I don't consider that an end, I consider that a bit of a ripoff.

    We haven't even had a full year of ME3 DLC and it was agai…

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    Fake BioWare Interview?

    January 6, 2013 by Lancer1289

    Well I decided to check my email before heading on to a game, I found something interesting from Kotaku.

    Apparently someone at posted a fake interview with someone at BioWare. However it was quickly ID by BioWare and it has since been removed and the employee fired.

    Well I found it funny.

    Kotaku Article:

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    Perhaps it is because I'm running a club at my college and we are trying to get ourselves out there, but I've been thinking of possible wikis that we could add as our affiliates. This is nothing more than really a list, but since I can't do this by myself, I figured I'd open it up to the community to get some more ideas. The reason I'm doing this in a blog is that I really want to have rules that are more enforceable.

    I know this will be a hot topic, so I'm setting these rules:

    1. This is a place for listing possible affiliates, not ones that we will add.
    2. No insulting users over listing what they list. It is an idea not a confirmation.
    3. Any wiki can be listed, no restrictions. (Before doing so, please see below for more on this)
    4. No arguing over a wi…
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    I know there have been a few things about this, but my experiences today really made me have to ask this question.

    Does anyone who plays multiplayer these days have any intelligence anymore?

    I am consistently encountering people who do the following things:

    • Don't go for objectives just keep killing
      • Don't try and get to one of the four on activation/deactivation (Quads)
      • Don't try and stay in the circle for escort
      • Don't try and retrieve the packages, or help escort the person carrying them
      • Don't even make an attempt to help with hacking/uploading (Most annoying)
      • Keep killing everything EXCEPT the targets
    • People who don't revive squadmates even when there is no one around
    • People who don't try and get to downed teammates. Make an active effort
    • People who…
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