According to reports, Shadow Realms has been delayed from a 2015 release to a 2017 release. I would say this is good for Mass Effect fans because 2015 will be able to be much more focused on promoting Mass Effect rather than on Shadow Realms. Some reports said that the game was completely cancelled, however it seem that the game is being rebooted instead to possibly include a full campaign mode rather than being multiplayer only. This will also most likely make this game new gen console and PC exclusive. I doubt this will have any effect on the Mass Effect release date, but as I stated earlier, I would guess that this will mean that more time will be spent promoting the game as BioWare will not have anything else coming out besides Dragon Age:Inquisition DLC.

UPDATE: Shadow Realms has been cancelled. Bioware says they are putting more focus on Mass Effect and another yet to be named IP.

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