Hi Guys, Just wanted to say that, having entered into (sorta) a partnership with The Milkman (a true blogging legend who doesn't skimp on content), I will be handling reviews of classes and loadouts for MP/missions/game features whilst he will be doing the more analysis/comment side of blogging, with in depth articles on what he views as the failings (*cough the ending cough*) or successes of the ME series, amongst many other things (not his own words, but I'm sure he'll love this). So this blog is place for all you, the community, to place requests/suggestions for us about things you feel passionately about, and want us to review. Neither of us are admins or even senior editors, but we will try to do everything in our power to make fun blogs that you can enjoy reading. If needed, I will update my side of the blog every day - however, The Milkman's blogs will probably take a lot longer as his are much more thought out, since they are analytical.
So, any requests, ideas or just ramblings for us to think over? Leave them below, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. SanjayBeast & The Milkman

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