For those of you who don't know, there is a massive conflict happening this Tuesday (26th), over what I spend my time doing. Do I a) Get Dawnguard and play for 10 hrs straight, hopefully completing it twice, or b) get the Extended Cut and play it for 5hrs, after which I break down in tears and scream at EA and Bioware. These seem to offer two different ways in which DLC can be produced by developers...comparison, methinks? (may get graphic, but hey).

a) Skyrim DLC : Dawnguard.
Price: £??? (but shouldn't be too pricey, feel free to kill me in a few days if I'm wrong)

  • Vampires. Hell yeh, flying and bloodsucking FTW
  • Crossbows. We asked, and they gave them to us - I have so much respect for a company that actually tries to satisfy their fans
  • New Missions that don't force you to start a new game to do them
  • More lore
  • More awesomeness
  • Crossbows.
  • Vampires.
  • New Weapons, new spells, new combat, new play style.


  • Vampires with frickin' tiny wings. I mean seriously, they look like fairies that took crack
  • Meh. Vampire lords aren't that original

b) ME3 DLC : Extended Cut
Price: FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE #tiny,tiny win

  • hmmmmmm.....closure
  • decent endings that are affected by our past decisions
  • cutscenes. lots of them. (hey, I like their videos)
  • sense of satisfaction
  • Another reason to legitimately hate EA
  • Get to complete another glorious playthrough ....maybe FemShep it up with Traynor?


  • pure golden PR crap, spewed from the deepest depths of EAs dirty, dirty rectum.
  • doesn't change a frickin thing, when all's done and dusted
  • as above, but with more anger
  • same ol' ME3, but with moar cutscenes
  • I have to complete another damn import all over again, as I have no save that is just before the Cerberus Base. Crap. There goes the next few weeks.

As you can see, I'm still not quite convinced as to what to pick - should I go for the expensive, classy, fan-content including DLC, or the free, bargain DLC that does sod all. decide! Feel free (I encourage you) to add to the Pro/Con lists for each of the DLC's, as long as you respect the rights of other players opinions and don't remove any of their content. Also, any ideas for some real ME3 DLC?

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